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decide against someone or something

to rule against someone or something; to make a judgment against someone or something. We decided against Tom and chose Larry instead. Jane decided against the supplier.
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decide among (someone and someone else)

 and decide among (something and something else)
to choose from three or more people; to choose from three or more things. I couldn't decide among all the choices on the menu. I will decide among Fred, Tom, and Alice.
See also: among, decide

decide between (someone and someone else)

 and decide between (something and something else)
to choose one from two people; to choose one from two things. I could not decide between Tom and Wally. We could not decide between those two.
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decide for someone or something

to rule in favor of someone or something; to make a judgment for someone or something. The jury decided for the plaintiff. The judge decided for me.
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decide in favor of someone or something

to determine that someone or something is the winner. The judge decided in favor of the defendant. I decided in favor of the red one.
See also: decide, favor, of

decide (up)on someone or something

to choose someone or something; to make a judgment about some aspect of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Will you please hurry up and decide upon someone to vote for? I decided on chocolate.
See also: decide, on

decide on

or decide upon
To choose something or someone after deliberation: We decided on green as the color for the nursery. I've decided upon the red shoes; you can put the black ones back.
See also: decide, on
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Don't miss this week's MirrorFootball podcast as we look ahead to the potential Premier League title deciders.
But Duff produced a powerhouse finish to take the decider 7-4.
Karina Lefevre was the star player scoring a hat trick which included a win over Steve Brunskill at 11-8 in the decider.
Omagh and Kilcoo won their respective semi-finals last Friday and were due to contest the eagerly awaited decider on Sunday, but the frost has dictated a further two week delay.
That is followed by the Stanley Aged Miners Cup decider - the finalists are not yet known - on May 15.
A good first half to the season is a distant memory for a North Western team now in free-fall, but with his team trailing 3-4 to Argyll and Sutherland Phil Francom saved the match in great style with a 147 check-out, only for Argyll to win the decider through Ian Norris.
Trent Valley move up to third after beating visitors Prince of Wales 3-2, Dick and John Thompson taking the decider off Stu McIlvenny and Bill Darlaston.
Somers Boy, who showed early pace and steered a more middle course, ran well in second position and must have a sporting chance of turning the tables come the decider The Ernie Gaskin-trained Snappy Ciaron (5-1) had come from off the pace to land the second eliminator in a moderate 25.
Hahn and Smith won two each for Ormesby which included a 12-10 victory in the decider for Hahn against Steve Baines.
They were 4-0 winners over Dundalk in Limavady last night and will now go on to meet Cruz Azul in the decider today.
Stamas was the victor in the over-50s singles, winning his group and then putting out Ron Bain and Aitkenhead before overcoming Hill in the decider.
TELLY'S big guns were last night lining up in a bidding war to screen Scotland's Euro 2004 decider.
The Allied Vehicles Tigers beat Somerset by two points on aggregate thanks to a nerve-shredding last-heat decider After losing 48-42 to the Rebels in the first leg, the heat was on for Glasgow.
A late Niall O'Brien point from 75 metres earned Westmeath a place in the decider, thanks to a 1-14 to 1-13 win over Carlow in Mullingar.
They kick off on Thursday, March 26 when Newcastle Benfield meet New Hartley in the Ideal Stelrad NFA Junior Cup decider (kick-off 7.