decide between

decide between (someone or something)

To choose someone or something when given two options. Holly and Jack are both such good candidates for the job that I'm having a hard time deciding between them.
See also: between, decide

decide between (someone and someone else)

 and decide between (something and something else)
to choose one from two people; to choose one from two things. I could not decide between Tom and Wally. We could not decide between those two.
See also: between, decide
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Green had to decide between the most prestigious academic institution in the country - Harvard - and two of the best football programs in the nation, USC and UCLA.
Commission Chairman Erwin Chemerinsky worried that the panel might remain at an impasse over the issue of council size, but the commission even voted down his proposed compromise to let voters decide between two ballot measures - one with 15 council members and another with 25.