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decide against someone or something

to rule against someone or something; to make a judgment against someone or something. We decided against Tom and chose Larry instead. Jane decided against the supplier.
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decide among (someone and someone else)

 and decide among (something and something else)
to choose from three or more people; to choose from three or more things. I couldn't decide among all the choices on the menu. I will decide among Fred, Tom, and Alice.
See also: among, decide

decide between (someone and someone else)

 and decide between (something and something else)
to choose one from two people; to choose one from two things. I could not decide between Tom and Wally. We could not decide between those two.
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decide for someone or something

to rule in favor of someone or something; to make a judgment for someone or something. The jury decided for the plaintiff. The judge decided for me.
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decide in favor of someone or something

to determine that someone or something is the winner. The judge decided in favor of the defendant. I decided in favor of the red one.
See also: decide, favor, of

decide (up)on someone or something

to choose someone or something; to make a judgment about some aspect of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Will you please hurry up and decide upon someone to vote for? I decided on chocolate.
See also: decide, on

decide on

or decide upon
To choose something or someone after deliberation: We decided on green as the color for the nursery. I've decided upon the red shoes; you can put the black ones back.
See also: decide, on
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Dr Wafaa Helmi Ayesh, director of the clinical nutrition department of the Dubai Health Authority; and Jan Felton, Decide spokesperson and managing director of MPC, held keynote speeches on 'My Plate Planner' and lifestyle change respectively.
Decide plans to publish product price drops on their blog to help holiday shoppers save money.
F) Decide the number of shares to be issued at incorporation.
They decide to test the assumption that their well-established selection process procedure is the correct way to select a vendor.
If we are up-front about all studio policies regarding payments, rates, make-ups and so on, parents can decide whether or not they wish to have their child study with us.
It's important to remember, however, that judges are not automatons who strictly adhere to one philosophy in every one of the hundreds or thousands of cases they decide.
Their freedom to decide whether and when to have children opens doors that would otherwise be dosed.
Thus, we hope that the information presented in this paper will assist colleagues who decide to create multimedia programs to meet their training needs.
This prolongs the process and fails to provide any incentive for the VA to correctly decide a claim in the first place.
Jones sell the home they have lived in since 1990 and decide to retire to Florida.
This court should decide the same way because there is simply no reason to stray from a course long set.
Supreme Court to decide that Florida's election-code provisions violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.
A few reasons why some women decide FOR reconstruction with breast implants:
Anything you decide will, of course, be personal and will depend upon your interests, needs, and expectations about research.
For example, in a matter for which we recently provided assistance, the client had to decide whether to retain an expert to provide testimony on a complex, technical issue.