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decide against someone or something

to rule against someone or something; to make a judgment against someone or something. We decided against Tom and chose Larry instead. Jane decided against the supplier.
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decide among (someone and someone else)

 and decide among (something and something else)
to choose from three or more people; to choose from three or more things. I couldn't decide among all the choices on the menu. I will decide among Fred, Tom, and Alice.
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decide between (someone and someone else)

 and decide between (something and something else)
to choose one from two people; to choose one from two things. I could not decide between Tom and Wally. We could not decide between those two.
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decide for someone or something

to rule in favor of someone or something; to make a judgment for someone or something. The jury decided for the plaintiff. The judge decided for me.
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decide in favor of someone or something

to determine that someone or something is the winner. The judge decided in favor of the defendant. I decided in favor of the red one.
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decide (up)on someone or something

to choose someone or something; to make a judgment about some aspect of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Will you please hurry up and decide upon someone to vote for? I decided on chocolate.
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decide on

or decide upon
To choose something or someone after deliberation: We decided on green as the color for the nursery. I've decided upon the red shoes; you can put the black ones back.
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The first is label placement for point labels, and the second is a decidability problem related to cartographic line simplification.
Kreiswirth's "`Paradoxical and outrageous Discrepancy': Transgression, Auto-intertextuality, and Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha" examines the "Faulknerian move away from coherence, decidability, and toward constant dialogizing [and] transgressive textual activity.
The decidability can only be negative not positive.
Critics of semantic realism adopt a relatively weak account of decidability, so that most ordinary statements turn out to be decidable.
The exploitation of these results in the investigation of:classification results stating necessary and sufficientproof-theoretic strength for important examples of logics such as GLand S5; uniform decidability and complexity results for large classesof logics; general consistency proofs.
Decidability and universality in symbolic dynamical systems.
It is worth remembering that the debate over the eternity of the world--as it is referred to--had become, by the late 1260s, a debate over the decidability question so effectively raised by Aquinas in SS and succeeding works: the question of whether the world's finite past duration could be philosophically proven.
Objective: This proposal aims at generalising the central decidability results of BE-chi and Rabin to more general settings, and understanding the consequences of those extensions both at theoretical and applicative levels.
The volume culminates in an expansive treatment of first order theories, including theories of order and models, and decidability.