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appearances can be deceiving

Appearances do not always convey accurate information. That house sure looks beautiful on the outside, but appearances can be deceiving. What did the inspector say about the foundation? Sure, she seems nice, but appearances can be deceiving.
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deceive (someone) into (something)

To fool or trick someone into doing something. I can't believe he deceived thousands of people into buying a faulty product!
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deceive (someone) with (something)

To use something in particular to fool or trick someone. I can't believe you deceived thousands of people with a misrepresentation of your product!
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flatter to deceive

To seem better or more promising than someone or something really is. A: "I can't believe that team didn't make the playoffs after starting the season so well." B: "I guess they just flattered to deceive."
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Appearances can be deceiving.

Prov. Things can look different from the way they really are. Edward seems like a very nice boy, but appearances can be deceiving. Jane may look like she doesn't understand you, but she's really extremely bright. Appearances can be deceiving.
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deceive someone into something

to trick someone into doing something. She deceived me into giving her my car keys. You can't deceive me into doing what I don't want to do.
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deceive someone with something

to cheat someone with something or with deceptive words. You cannot deceive me with your promises. You are just deceiving yourself with fancy talk.
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flatter to deceive

encourage on insufficient grounds and cause disappointment.
1913 Field Two furlongs from home Maiden Erlegh looked most dangerous, but he flattered only to deceive.
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Though cyber-based deceptions may take longer to be effective, the vastness and anonymity of cyberspace allow the deceiver to continually adjust messages and techniques with new strings of code.
For example, see "When it comes to Google advertising, it is pro-abortion sources who are the real deceivers," http://nrlc.
The famous Israeli deceiver believes that if he bribes the Palestinians living under occupation with some projects and funds bringing relief to their daily life, they will stop demanding a state of their own C*In this sense, Netanyahu weighs the Palestinians on the balance of his well-known financial, moral, and human corruption, and believes he can bribe them.
He added: "He is plainly, or thinks he is, a consummate liar or deceiver.
The PMW analysts termed the juxtaposition of English-language messages of peace and Arabic-language internal propaganda that is virulently anti-Israel "duplicity," and said that Yasir Arafat, as chairman of the PA, was a "notorious" deceiver in this regard.
THE Liverpool Botanical Society recorded an impressive list on a recent trip to Fresh field's pines, with shaggy inkcap, the deceiver, yellow coral fungi and false chanterelle among a long list of scores of fungi.
Put Fidel Castro at the top of the list: "Apparently a natural deceiver, he has improved with practice," John Silber once wrote of him.
The rapist is a brute and often a deceiver, not a successful romancer.
Being a Christian has never been a popularity contest and the enemy is Satan, the great deceiver.
It's hard to believe it when the messenger is a deceiver.
tie is referred to as a liar and a deceiver who denies Christ and all of his works.
By using Deception as one of his narrative focuses towards what, ultimately, is a fruitless goal, he exposes the cracks in his theory and allows Hitchcock to continue to thrive as Hollywood's greatest deceiver.
The dark deceiver has left his roots, and that's sad for a man of his age.
THIS is Big Brother's Dark Deceiver Derek Laud with Margaret Thatcher moments before she was forced out as Prime Minister.
But scientists have discovered certain brain activity may give away a deceiver.