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appearances can be deceiving

Appearances do not always convey accurate information. That house sure looks beautiful on the outside, but appearances can be deceiving. What did the inspector say about the foundation? Sure, she seems nice, but appearances can be deceiving.
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deceive (someone) into (something)

To fool or trick someone into doing something. I can't believe you deceived thousands of people into buying a faulty product!
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deceive (someone) with (something)

To use something in particular to fool or trick someone. I can't believe you deceived thousands of people with a misrepresentation of your product!
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Appearances can be deceiving.

Prov. Things can look different from the way they really are. Edward seems like a very nice boy, but appearances can be deceiving. Jane may look like she doesn't understand you, but she's really extremely bright. Appearances can be deceiving.
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deceive someone into something

to trick someone into doing something. She deceived me into giving her my car keys. You can't deceive me into doing what I don't want to do.
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deceive someone with something

to cheat someone with something or with deceptive words. You cannot deceive me with your promises. You are just deceiving yourself with fancy talk.
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flatter to deceive

encourage on insufficient grounds and cause disappointment.
1913 Field Two furlongs from home Maiden Erlegh looked most dangerous, but he flattered only to deceive.
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Then is God perfectly simple and true both in word and deed; he changes not; he deceives not, either by sign or word, by dream or waking vision.
I told Lady Lowborough two weeks ago, the very hour she came, that I should certainly think it my duty to inform you if she continued to deceive you: she gave me full liberty to do so if I should see anything reprehensible or suspicious in her conduct; I have seen nothing; and I trusted she had altered her course.
Well, sir,' said Mrs Plornish, a civil woman, 'not to deceive you, he's gone to look for a job.
Not to deceive you' was a method of speech with Mrs Plornish.
Not to deceive you, sir, I notice it,' said Mrs Plornish, 'and I take it kind of you.
para]]Bad actors using sophisticated coding scripts to deceive advertising platforms[[/para]]
Nsikan Akpan reported in "Goalkeepers deceive themselves" (SN: 9/6/14, p.
from Smethwick, even staged a mock "arrest" as he continued to deceive his victim.
But the lengths the four men, two of whom were jailed yesterday, would go to deceive their victims is perhaps the most shocking element of the case.
They deceive people of Kashmir by camouflaging Kashmiriat and actually working for fulfillment of agenda of communal forces of India," the veteran leader said.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian legislator cautioned that the US is seeking to deceive Iran through its offer of talks as no practical change is seen in Washington's attitude towards Iran.
QUETTA -- Opponents enjoying power for five years now criticising PPP to deceive people to save their falling popularity.
This is a classic attempt to deceive the resident into either changing his energy supplier without his knowledge or consent or to hand over personal information that could be used for identity theft.
At-taqiyah, which in the Muslim world means to deceive or lie and many other things, is being used extensively by Shi'ite Islamists in Iran, Iraq and elsewhere.
threw out the claim, ruling that the name has become generic, there was no fraud, saying that Amazon had not "made any false statement (express or implied) of fact that actually deceived or had the tendency to deceive a substantial part of the audience.