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debt to nature

A euphemism for death. When I'm ready to pay my debt to nature, I hope I'm surrounded by my family.
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make good on (something)

To fulfill an obligation, such as keeping a promise or paying a debt. You better make good on all the things you said you would deliver, or the client is not going to be happy. Trust me, I always make good on my debts, OK?
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head over heels in debt

Fig. deeply in debt. Finally, when she was head over heels in debt, she cut up her credit cards. I couldn't stand being head over heels in debt, so I always pay off my bills immediately.
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in debt

having debts; having much debt; owing money. Mary is deeply in debt. I am in debt to the bank for my car loan.
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*out of debt

no longer owing a debt. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get oneself ~.) I've taken a second job so I can get myself out of debt.
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owe someone a debt of gratitude

a large amount of thanks owed to someone who deserves gratitude. (Actually payment of the debt is owed.) We owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done for us.
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pay one's debt (to society)

Cliché to serve a sentence for a crime, usually in prison. The judge said that Mr. Simpson had to pay his debt to society. Mr. Brown paid his debt in state prison.
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up to your ears in debt

If you are up to your ears in debt, you owe a lot of money. Tom was still up to his ears in debt with no prospect of work.
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be in somebody’s ˈdebt

(formal) be very grateful to somebody because they have helped you: After my divorce Ann was the only one prepared to listen to my problems, and I am forever in her debt.
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ˌget/ˌrun into ˈdebt

begin to owe money: After she lost her job, she began to run into debt.
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