debit to

debit (something) to (someone or something)

To spend money from one's or a particular account. You can just debit any travel expenses to the corporate account.
See also: debit

debit something to someone or something

to make a charge for something to someone or something. To whose account can we debit this charge? Let's debit it to Jane.
See also: debit
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For example, if the transaction solely involves an extension of credit, and does not include a debit to a checking account (or other consumer asset account), the liability limitations and error resolution requirements of Regulation Z apply.
The resource provider records the first three circumstances as a debit to refundable advance and a credit to an asset or payable; the recipient organization records them as a debit to an asset and a credit to refundable advance.
The taxpayer's funds can then be transferred via ACH Debit to the fraudulent IRS accounts, which the Service refunds as an overpayment.
The expanding number of locations accepting debit, particularly for small-ticket purchases, underscores the value of promoting both PIN and signature debit to consumers.
We are committed to providing our merchants with the full range of point-of-sale solutions - from credit and debit to gift and loyalty - they need to sustain a competitive edge," continued Wine.
Similarly, once the networks offer real-time, secure debit to make purchases on the Internet, we expect consumers will readily adopt this method of payment.
We expect pre-authorized debit to grow especially rapidly, because it can be implemented very quickly and easily by the retailer.