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debit (something) against (someone or something)

To spend money from one's or a particular account. You can just debit any travel expenses against the corporate account.
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debit (something) to (someone or something)

To spend money from one's or a particular account. You can just debit any travel expenses to the corporate account.
See also: debit

debit (something) with (something)

To spend money from a particular account. You can just debit the corporate account with any travel expenses.
See also: debit

debit something against someone or something

to record a charge for something against someone's account or against a particular category of an account. I will have to debit this against your account. The clerk debited the charge against you.
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debit something to someone or something

to make a charge for something to someone or something. To whose account can we debit this charge? Let's debit it to Jane.
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debit something with something

to charge something for something. They debited Fred's account with the whole expense. The bank debited my checking account with the cost of the new checks.
See also: debit
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Issuers have put chip debit cards in the hands of consumers at a faster pace than anticipated in last year's study.
24 per debit transaction, and exempt financial institutions earned $0.
When the debit card is used, the bank automatically transfers the change of a purchase rounded to the next dollar to a savings account.
In the same situation, if the card is stolen and is used as a debit card to make purchases or to get cash withdrawals at an ATM from the checking account, the liability limits and error resolution provisions of Regulation E apply; Regulation Z does not apply.
When the resource provider is also the beneficiary, it debits interest in net assets of recipient organization and credits an asset or payable.
The taxpayer's funds can then be transferred via ACH Debit to the fraudulent IRS accounts, which the Service refunds as an overpayment.
But the fact that Magic has to sell debit cards is an utter condemnation of the banking industry,'' Rosenfield said.
The subsequent linking of electronic point-of-sale (POS) terminals to these networks has allowed consumers to use their debit cards to pay for purchases at supermarkets, gas stations, and other sites by debiting their deposit accounts.
Debit cards look like credit cards and are used to pay for purchases and to withdraw cash.
debit card transactions in 1996, also agreed not to issue unsolicited debit cards through the mail that can be used without requiring consumers to call an activation number and verify their identity.
That connection with MasterCard and Visa makes a huge difference because just about any merchant who accepts MasterCard or Visa bank cards can also accept their debit cards.