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debate on (something)

To discuss a topic at length. If they're debating on their different political views, this could go on all night.
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debate on something

to hold a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject. We can debate on this all night if you think we will settle anything in the end. Are they still debating on the question?
See also: debate, on


 (with someone) about something
1. to enter into a long and disciplined discussion on a particular subject with someone. Our team debated with the other team about the chances for world peace. The candidates debate about taxes tomorrow. We will debate with them about health care.
2. . Fig. to argue with someone about something. I do not intend to debate with you about that matter. Tom did not agree to debate about it.
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The GREAT Britain Debate competition celebrates India and the UK's traditional passion in vibrant discussion and debate.
I am delighted to launch the 2016 edition of the GREAT Debate competition in the historic city of Peshawar.
This Karl Popper form of debate promotes logical and critical thinking, an understanding of a democratic dialogue, and public speaking skills - attributes that will help these students in their adult lives.
The debate will be broadcast live on all the major broadcasters: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and C-SPAN among others.
Until recently, Alameel's campaign and others had expressed concerns that Texans who didn't know Spanish would be unable to watch the only debate in the race.
Obviously, we did not know at the time that the presidential debates of 2012 would be so memorable.
Candidates sometimes try to lower expectations of their own debate performance by claiming that they are just humble, plainspoken folks while their opponents are the second coming of Cicero.
s "motives" in organising the debate and wondered whether, with a debate entitled "Is an African Spring necessary?
In 1976 and again in 1980, he helped the League of Women Voters resume the electoral clashes when he served as debate co-chair.
Noted debate trainer Kate Shuster, director of the world's largest debate programme for students called 'Middle School Public Debate Program' at Claremont McKenna College, guided the participants as to how they could become good debaters by holding a number of training sessions.
The format of the debate is plainly getting in the way.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Round three of the presidential debates went to Barack Obama, according to a one-night USA Today/Gallup poll of debate watchers conducted Oct.
The documentary shows the pair -- who became state high school champs, graduated and went on to compete in college -- trying to change the style of debate.
Furthermore, our dealings with the public and policy makers should be governed by different rules than those of legitimate scientific debate within the geological community.
Nonetheless, same-sex "marriage" proponents latched onto this "argument" from human rights to evade any debate about religio-cultural traditions of marriage, which debate, of course, they would invariably lose.