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deal (one) in

To include one in something. Often used in the imperative "deal me in." The phrase originated in card games, in which cards are distributed among the players by "dealing" them. If you guys are playing poker in there, deal me in! Bobby really wants to be involved in this project, so deal him in too.
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*tough on someone

severe and demanding in dealing with someone. (*Typically: act ~; be ~; become ~; get~.) My boss is very tough on me, but I need the structure and discipline.
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wheeling and dealing

looking for and using a good opportunity He was always wheeling and dealing to get financial support.
Usage notes: usually said about business or financial opportunities, and also used in the form wheel and deal: If you want to be successful in this business, you have to wheel and deal.
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wheeling and dealing

complicated and sometimes dishonest agreements in business or politics that people try to achieve in order to make profits or get advantages It's an article about all the wheeling and dealing that goes on in financial markets.
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References in classic literature ?
Plain- dealing, too, is my nature, and I adore the same quality in others; most especially in those I could wish to marry.
It is better dealing with men in appetite, than with those that are where they would be.
I'll just finish dealing, and then Ilyushka will come with his chorus.
Dealing with the beginnings of imagination in the minds of children, they record, with the reality which a very delicate touch preserves from anything lugubrious, not those merely preventible miseries of childhood over which some writers have been apt to gloat, but the contact of childhood with the great and inevitable sorrows of life, into which children can enter with depth, with dignity, and sometimes with a kind of simple, pathetic greatness, to the discipline of the heart.
He had made them sit up and take notice, and now, willy-nilly, they were dealing him hands and clamoring for him to play.
But the entire range of heroic legend was open to these poets, and other clusters of epics grew up dealing particularly with the famous story of Thebes, while others dealt with the beginnings of the world and the wars of heaven.
If you were as much guided by nature in your estimate of men and women, and as little under the power of fancy and whim in your dealings with them, as you are where these children are concerned, we might always think alike.
And I found it better for my soul to be humble before the mysteries o' God's dealings, and not be making a clatter about what I could never understand.