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By the early 1980s, a number of books had been published dealing with the following issues: the relationship between the environment on one hand and education, development, and mass media on the other, the social dimension of the environment, the relationship between the environment and Islam, and the environmental issues.
Elsewhere we have surveyed Arab literature dealing with the question of the environment (Selim, 2004).
But, fundamentally, that does not preclude buyers from exercising consumer rights litigation that calls for disclosure warnings and fair dealing by the issuer.
com/reports/c50334) has announced the addition of Insider Dealing and Money Laundering in the EU: Law and Regulation to their offering.
This work presents a comparative study of the provisions relating to insider dealing under the EC Insider Dealing Directive.
Understand the Needs of the Seller: Typically, when structuring a transaction with a lender, bank or institution, an investor can expect to be dealing with a mid-level employee with his (or her) own agenda.
As a typical school MIS director, dealing with a mix of 286 and newer PCs, New Deal School Suite 98 is the only graphical solution that I can run on all my computers, networked or standalone.