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deaden (something) with (something)

To induce numbness, as with an anesthetic agent. They deadened my gums with some sort of gel before the procedure.
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deaden something with something

to dull or anesthetize pain with something. The doctor deadened the area with an injection before she began to stitch. I will deaden the pain with a local anesthetic.
See also: deaden
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Pro-Bandit and Bandit Mini visco-elastic deadeners can be added to stabilizer ends, or bow riser side mounts (using provided one quarter-inch, 20 threads per-inch mounting screws) to add balance and shock-absorbing qualities.
The new markets RPEI wants to work to develop, such as uses in patio blocks, bricks and sound deadeners, can be shown to potential customers as places to divert the shingles.
They also believed that they could use this air laid approach to make low or medium-draw thermoformable backings for automotive carpeting, insulation, acoustical panels, room dividers and sound deadeners in fire walls in automobiles.
The upgraded instrument panel along with new sound deadeners added to select areas helped improve interior quietness, especially at high speeds or on rough roads.
It's a much quieter vehicle, not so much from tweaking the suspension as from adding more insulation and sound deadeners and stiffening the body to eliminate the typical ear-splitting decibel levels that were the real reason for the term ``Only in a Jeep.
By the time the next cell is reached, 16 sound deadeners have been added to the wheelwells, floor, and inner door and side panels.
With Fibrit, we didn't need to use as many acoustic deadeners, such as mastics.
RuVan develops and manufactures custom sealants, expandable adhesives, sound deadeners and caulks for industrial and consumer applications.