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deaden (something) with (something)

To induce numbness, as with an anesthetic agent. They deadened my gums with some sort of gel before the procedure.
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deaden something with something

to dull or anesthetize pain with something. The doctor deadened the area with an injection before she began to stitch. I will deaden the pain with a local anesthetic.
See also: deaden
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Mathew took another tack, developing a surgical treatment to permanently deaden pain transmission in the trigeminal-nerve system involved in cluster headaches.
He turns up late, leaves early and while he's in attendance he wears ear plugs to deaden the thump, thump, thump that invariably goes with this sort of music.
Soldiers will cover the bomb with two metres of water to deaden the blast.
And last weekend twice divorced father-of-seven MacDonald, 47, revealed he had been drinking three bottles of whisky a day to deaden the pain.
Coton, 35, is on morphine to deaden the pain - and while he won't play again this season, the injury is so bad that his entire car-eer remains in doubt.
So Holmes, running with the aid of pain- killing injections to deaden the discomfort of a hairline fracture above her left ankle, must be in with a chance of the gold.
I just let the ball hit the bat and try to deaden it and put it between the pitcher and third and try to beat it out.
Maybe this is the way a mind deadens to what once shocked.
The trouble with deflation - steadily falling prices - is that it deadens economic activity for years.
When we are not living up to our true vocation, thought deadens our life, or substitutes itself for life, or gives in to life so that our life drowns out our thinking and stifles the voice of conscience.
A: THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, deadens the neurons in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that's in charge of short-term memory.