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In the colourful, hand-drawn kingdom she calls home, Giselle (voiced by Adams) is poised to marry her sweetheart, dashing Prince Edward (Marsden), except his scheming mother, Queen Nerissa (Sarandon), is dead set against the union.
Of course, her long-time lover is dead set against her going to perform the task.
He continued: "We are not dead set against it, in fact the opposite.
We've talked to a lot of students who were dead set against any type of independent thought on the matter, and then they found that we're human.
Whether it was cannibalizing aircraft parts to put together a bomber that would make even Mary Shelley proud, using lawnmowers to service B-17s with oxygen, or just plain making multiple bombing passes on Japanese troop ships--even though the odds were dead set against them--the story of the first months of the Pacific war is one of endurance, long-suffering, and chutzpah, and all in the face of certain defeat.
The new store is expected to create 500 to 600 permanent jobs in Red Hook, but some community activists were dead set against it, citing the possibility of traffic gridlock and damage to landmark structures in the historic neighborhood.
But can she fight the conservatives in Congress who are dead set against spending money on the arts?
Occasionally I run into an outfitter that is dead set against mechanicals, or a state where they do not meet legal requirements.
While this might seem as though the rest of the story would unfold directly from there, Martens recalls, "At that time I was dead set against a big company.
Politicians who had been dead set against it, are now falling all over themselves trying to take credit for legislation signed into law that partially repealed the prohibition against concurrent receipt of military retired pay and VA disability compensation for some of our more severely disabled veterans.
If that's the future of high school sports, we're dead set against it.
CECOM and the folks at Ft Huachuca that have to fix the shelters are dead set against storing or transporting anything on top of the shelters.
Perhaps surprising to some, many of the most ardent freedom-of-choice supporters in sexual moral matters (even to the killing of the preborn), belong to this group even though they are dead set against individualism in commerce, or ecology, or international trade.
It is no secret that Prime Minister Sharon is dead set against a full withdrawal from the occupied areas.
Observers like Bracey, Kohn, and others, dead set against any fundamental changes in the nation's schools, usually work hard to dismiss the TIMSS results as evidence of any structural weakness in the U.