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If dimming is included, adding daylight harvesting adds even less incremental cost--basically just adding a single sensor per room with little to no startup cost due to the automated nature of sensor setup.
Roosevelt established year-round daylight saving time to conserve energy and help the war effort.
Some studies even concluded a negative effect on energy consumption by the daylight saving practice claiming that it increases energy usage.
By incorporating the use of natural daylight into building design it can not only contribute towards a building's energy efficiency but it has significant health benefits too - benefits that should not be ignored by the Government, the industry or the consumer.
Turns out, senators were truly concerned about that extra hour of daylight and its impact on children's pedestrian safety, going so far as to propose a Halloween Safety Act (various studies show that kids are significantly more likely to hit and killed on Halloween than any other day).
Because Earth rotates on a tilted axis, the number of daylight hours on Earth varies during the year.
a provider of inks, media, and related imaging products, introduced the Daylight Darkroom digital black-and-white printing system, providing the ability to accurately mirror traditional darkroom techniques, including silver-halide printing, with digital images and an inkjet printer.
FOR OVER A DECADE, Tokyo resident Mike King has sought to convince the Japanese government to introduce daylight savings time in Japan.
Osram Sylvania is casting daylight on the lighting category.
It is a clear reference point for reorientation and is spatially the most interesting volume, but so little daylight is admitted by the clerestories of the rooflight that it feels completely internal, dominated by electric illumination.
The Board will, however, continue to analyze the benefits and potential drawbacks of a two-tiered pricing regime for daylight overdrafts.
Broad Daylight enables companies to build, manage and syndicate content over the Internet.