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dawdle about

To waste time. If you want to get your allowance, quit dawdling about and do your chores!
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dawdle along

To walk in a slow and unconcerned manner. We'll never get there on time if you boys keep dawdling along. Hurry up!
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dawdle away

To waste time (often a specific amount of time that is stated after "away"). I had to stay up late finishing my book report because I dawdled away my whole afternoon.
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dawdle over

To waste time rather than work diligently on something. If you keep dawdling over this book report, you'll be up all night!
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dawdle about

to waste time in a place; to waste time talking idly. Don't dawdle about. Get moving. Tim has been dawdling about all morning.
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dawdle along

to move along slowly and casually. The boys dawdled along on their way to school. We were just dawdling along, talking about life. We didn't know we were late.
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dawdle over something

to waste time when one should be doing a particular task; to loaf while doing something. Don't dawdle over your hamburger. The lunch period ends in two minutes. Don't dawdle over it. Get it done.
See also: dawdle, over

dawdle something away

to waste a particular amount of time; to let a period of time slip away, wasted. You didn't finish your work because you dawdled most of your time away. You dawdle away too much time daydreaming.
See also: away, dawdle
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If you go on the south side of Princes Street, because of the number of bus stops and the habits of the denizens of our fair city dawdling at the stops, you have to push your way through.
But the council seems to have forgotten that dawdling is good.
But at the Iliad's climax, when after much dawdling Achilles comes to bring ruin to Troy, Homer compares him to Sirius, "the star that men call Orion's Dog .
Arguably a very modest pace contributed to his defeat by Boscobel in the King Edward VII Stakes and hopefully there will be no dawdling today.
But Webber believes Speed is wrecking practice sessions by dawdling on the racing line when he is not on a fast lap.
They both want to leave; one (Gravesen) because he wants a new direction -- soccer perhaps -- and one (Radzinski) because he wants to punish Everton for dawdling over agreeing to a new three-year deal.
Now the company that makes the speedy vehicles is aiming to hit 100mph -and wants to see the float replace its dawdling predecessor on Britain's streets.
bridges across It will become places for dawdling and casual meetings.
In 2009, 143 accidents were caused by dawdling people paying no attention to vehicles behind them.
What a sad person you are complaining about the unemployed dawdling around shops at Christmas and blocking the aisles.
In a race run at a dawdling gallop, Fortune crucially had his 20-1 mount close to the pace and was in pole position to grab the inside rail when the race began in earnest.
The 5-6 market leader had been off the track for 472 days after injuring a tendon but overcame a dawdling early pace to score in good style.
It's equally at home dawdling down to the shops in a downpour as it is performing action-picture slides on a track.
This boxed set collects 7 1/2 hours of performances, some of it famous and much of it previously unreleased; it's intermittently inspired but often dawdling stuff, as Bruce seems preoccupied with his own iconoclastic brilliance.
Now the company that makes the speedy vehicles is aiming to hit 100mph and wants to see them replace their dawdling predecessors on Britain's streets.