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dawdle about

to waste time in a place; to waste time talking idly. Don't dawdle about. Get moving. Tim has been dawdling about all morning.
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dawdle along

to move along slowly and casually. The boys dawdled along on their way to school. We were just dawdling along, talking about life. We didn't know we were late.
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dawdle over something

to waste time when one should be doing a particular task; to loaf while doing something. Don't dawdle over your hamburger. The lunch period ends in two minutes. Don't dawdle over it. Get it done.
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dawdle something away

to waste a particular amount of time; to let a period of time slip away, wasted. You didn't finish your work because you dawdled most of your time away. You dawdle away too much time daydreaming.
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Part of the fault is the NHS, which dawdles and dithers and fails to settle claims on which it hasn't a leg to stand.
But with We All Want, author Tom Waldman wades into this pool as though it were a great lake, and for 300 pages he dawdles like a man with a month to kill.
While Los Angeles City Hall dawdles on implementing the consent decree for the LAPD that city leaders helped to negotiate, taxpayer millions are needlessly frittered away.
One component, the pepper-minty L-carvone, zips across the nasal membrane, but the other, the aniselike odorant octane, dawdles.
PLAYING a convincingly haggard journalist, Clint Eastwood races - or rather dawdles - against the clock to save a condemned man.
While City Hall dawdles, taxpayer millions are frittered away.