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data miner

Something that extracts or gathers data from a computer. "Spyware" is a malicious type of data miner. IT is going to use a data miner to get us that information. I bet Ben put a data miner on my computer to spy on me!
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and data miner
n. a kind of malicious software that gathers private information from a personal computer and sends it to another computer. I have a little program that roots out spyware from my computer. It found a data miner lurking among my digital images.

data miner

See also: data, miner
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Expanding on the subject of geospatial data dissemination, Tsering Wangyal Shawa from Princeton University writes about his experience developing a system to provide library users with the ability to access many different forms of geographic information via the Internet.
Building relationships with data producers is an essential role a librarian must play in order to ensure library users have the ability to access the wealth of geospatial data being produced today.
Effective solutions should authenticate all sending and receiving nodes prior to data transfer, encrypt data during transmission, use a single firewall port, and minimize firewall rules.
The most compelling reason for RIM managers to take an interest in data mining is simply this: the "data" in "data mining" are, for the most part, records created in the normal course of business of any organization.
Hazard, exposure, and health effects tracking represent data collection points along this continuum.
Enterprise data management refers to the overall data governance process--the data stewardship and data quality process.
These inabilities result from incompletely collecting the vital data elements into decision-support databases.
Missing data can reduce your effective sample size, which results in a loss of statistical power.
i/Lytics can help enterprises gain the financial, operational and business benefits of strategic information management initiatives by ensuring the highest levels of data quality throughout the project's lifecycle," said Bob Colonna, president and CEO, Innovative.
Once created, questionnaires can be printed and filled out by hand, answered online in a browser or completed on-screen by operators using SPSS Data Entry Builder or SPSS Data Entry Station.
A little-used feature of Microsoft Windows is its ability to transfer data between Windows and non-Windows applications easily.
Tizor Systems, the leading provider of enterprise data auditing and protection solutions for the data center, today announces Mantra V5 with enhanced capabilities for detecting data theft at the source.
Second, how should libraries address the challenge of long-term preservation of digital geospatial data in light of a shift to distribution methods that make the content ever more ephemeral?