dash hopes

dash (one's) hopes

To undercut one's dreams or optimistic views. I became a lawyer after my parents dashed my hopes of being an artist.
See also: dash, hope

dash someone's hopes

Fig. to ruin someone's hopes; to put an end to someone's dreams or aspirations. Mary dashed my hopes when she said she wouldn't marry me.
See also: dash, hope

dash/shatter somebody’s ˈhopes

destroy somebody’s hopes of doing or getting something: Any hopes that the museum would be built this year were dashed yesterday when the council announced its plans to spend less money on the arts.His poor performance in the exam shattered his hopes of becoming a lawyer.
See also: dash, hope, shatter
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TOKYO - Tokyo stocks fell back Friday morning as a relatively stronger yen continued to dash hopes of improvements in exporters' earnings, wiping out positive sentiment on solid U.
Italian oil major Eni fears its largest oilfield in Libya, known as Elephant, may be in ruins, which could dash hopes of a speedy return of Libyan supplies to global markets after months of war.
Record levels of greenhouse-gas emissions for 2010, as estimated by the International Energy Agency, could dash hopes of controlling climate change, reports Fiona Harvey for the Guardian.
The pair came under fire yesterday after appearing to dash hopes that the threatened jobs could be saved.
Rijkaard is confident Barca can win the tie and dash hopes of a first ever all-England Champions League final.
LED Zeppelin singer Robert Plant appeared to dash hopes of a reunion tour yesterday by announcing he is to go on the road with country star Alison Krauss.
That's what the mayor and City Council did last week when they went on vacation without answering the hard questions about who is responsible for cutting a sweetheart deal with Department of Water and Power workers that could dash hopes for a better Los Angeles.
But Mikael Forssell scored ten minutes from the end to dash hopes of going back to the top of the group - and ensuring a tense finish at the Millennium Stadium.
Tokyo stocks opened lower Friday as a relatively stronger yen continued to dash hopes of improvements in exporters' earnings, wiping out positive sentiment on solid U.
But you can't raise aspirations and then dash hopes by plunging them into tens of thousands of pounds debt.
The news will dash hopes that trams could return to Liverpool for the first time since the 1950s.
The chaos threatens to dash hopes that East Asia can rebound from the economic crisis that has gripped the region for nearly a year.
Rock-bottom Kettering lost 2-1 to a last minute goal at home to Barnet to dash hopes of closing the gap on their relegation rivals.
Bad investments or hard luck might dash hopes for a comfortable retirement.
GREG RUSEDSKI went out in the first round of the Qatar Open last night to dash hopes of an all-British final in the Doha event.