dart across

dart across something

to run quickly over something. A small animal darted across the road in front of the car. I tried to dart across the street, but the traffic was too heavy.
See also: across, dart
References in classic literature ?
I heard the crack of Moreau's pistol, and saw the pink flash dart across the tumult.
he cried; and in the single second that I stood there, I saw him fell one officer to the ground, and dart across the lawn with another at his heels.
I saw them dart across to the other side of the road, to follow me by running, until a cab or a cab- stand came in their way.
Peter Horne 7 Scored opening try after a shortrange dart across the Australian line.
The goal is a trademark run that I've built my career on so far, when I see a player drive at the defence I dart across - I think that's the most deadly position for me to be in," he added.
Deer tend to be much more active at this time of the year, and may suddenly dart across roadways.
Watch for children who may dart across the street to catch a school bus.
Particularly with Rogers, I got the ball to dart across and it was nice to bowl on.
However, for pedestrians, the closure of the two intersections has created a nightmare situation that could turn fatal with pedestrians now having to dart across eight lanes of high-speed traffic with no pedestrian crossing or bridge anywhere in sight to safely reach the other side.
To further eliminate doubt, he then drew trap one in the allrailer decider so it is hardly surprising that he is offered at such prohibitive odds, although he will not want to make a daft mistake at the boxes lest Fifis Legend dart across him from trap two.
Ragged urchins dart across picking up all the recyclable waste they can lay their hands on.
The project also marks the beginning of a relationship with Electrosteel and opens up future coal mine related opportunities for Dart across India".
Ten minutes in Dave Hankin was denied at point-blank range from Mark Bell, who then denied Michael Carr before watching Andy Smart's follow-up dart across the face of goal.
But Counts and other parents said the "fix" made things worse because it encourages students to dart across the turnaround to waiting cars.