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darning needle

A regional term for a dragonfly. Primarily heard in US. I hate going to the lake, what with all those darning needles and other bugs constantly flying into me!
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darn tooting

 and darn tootin'
absolutely. You're darn tooting I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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Pawb yn gwrando'n astud ar yr athro, ac isod gwrych wedi'i blygu'n dwt, a darn o bren |wedi'i naddu er mwyn dangos sut mae gwneud
Darn Good Yarn received the highest number of votes, and therefore wins the title of October's Dream Big Champion and a prize package of marketing and PR support.
Lorene also runs another blog, Cre8tive Living where the focus is on green living, which goes hand in hand with the philosophies of Darn Good Yarn.
Mr Darn said the cameras will have recorded images of their thieves but the data was stored on their internal memory.
I still wonder sometimes why I ain't rich since I am so darn smart.
not enough to elect him President of the Whoosie club but darn close.
There darn well ought to be a link to "A [name of university here] Education May Cost Less Than You Think.
Our search coincides with new S4C rural youth drama Darn O Dir, which is set to blow the lid off the myth that life in rural Wales is all manure and monotony.
This year's event may be one of the most important to learn new ideas, reconnect with business associates, establish new contacts, discuss new approaches to your marketing efforts, and just have a darn good time.
David Lebenstein, Time Equities' ace leasing and sales broker, and a darn good tennis player himself, is mentoring Lattanzio on concrete and clay.
But people opposing the darn argue that the new lake will flood cities and villages, forcing more than 1 million people to move to higher ground.
I would have similarly rationed "darn" as in "that darn Saddam [Hussein].
Tim says you can sit on a hillside in that rugged, rumpled country and become "awfully darn philosophical" about things like how we humans--despite our best efforts to wrap our lives in plastic and overdose on the one-eyed monster in the livingroom--are tied to the land and its processes.