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darning needle

A regional term for a dragonfly. Primarily heard in US. I hate going to the lake, what with all those darning needles and other bugs constantly flying into me!
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darn tootin'

slang Absolutely right. A: "Are you coming to the barbeque today?" B: "You're darn tootin'! I'll see you there."
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darn it

An exclamation of frustration. A mild alternative to "damn it." Oh, darn it—I dropped another screw. How did I miss that important phone call? Darn it!
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darn tooting

 and darn tootin'
absolutely. You're darn tooting I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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ˈdarn it!

(spoken, especially American English) used as a mild swear word to show that you are angry or annoyed about something, to avoid saying ‘damn’: Darn it! I’ve lost my keys!
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We have found that Lichtenstein repair for inguinal hernia is more promising in comparison to Darn repair.
ATODLEN 3 Disgrifiad o'r priffyrdd y gwneir gwelliannau iddynt Darn afreolaidd ei siap o droetffordd a phriffordd at bob diben, sy'n mesur 63 o fetrau sgwar, gyferbyn a Rhifau 1 - 11 Brookfield Drive, Llaneirwg (plan a adneuwyd 1).
In the "darn" group, no; 1 prolene suture was used to reconstruct the inguinal bed with a tension-free darn starting with a good strong bite of the tough tendinous structures near the pubic tubercle and emerging out through the lateral edge of the rectus sheath with a bulky bite in between.
In Darn O Dir, her character Bethan splits up with boyfriend Tanc at the beginning of the show, leaving her free to go wild living the single girl's life.
Roeddwn i wedi dewis y darn sydd wrth ymyl y garej a lle mae gen i siglen lle bydda i'n eistedd i ryfeddu at fy ngardd.
y darn cyfan o'r ffordd ymuno tua'r gorllewin wrth Gyffordd 34.
The first stitch was taken from the pubic tubercle and a darn was made locking each stitch between tendinous conjoint tendon and inguinal ligament, without tension in an interwoven fashion.
Am fwy o fanylion, ewch i safle Facebook Darn Bach o Hanes, www.
Dr Darn said: "We're looking to get at least 28 patients per group.
TEMPERATURE Assured Couriers Pretty Darn Quick (pdq) have announced the opening of a new office in the Bristol area, a further step towards their aim of being the only refrigerated couriers to operate regional centres throughtout the UK & Ireland.
The crystal skull turns out to be quite talkative, and free with his advice about recipes, which is a darn good thing for Jeanne, who has no personal cooking history and finds herself trying to "buy back" the scepter through sweat equity as a chef in a rural restaurant.
And it's probably best to have a panda experience from afar--they aren't the friendliest of animals, even though they're so darn cute
Much like Disney's recent, considerably better "Incredible Journey" pies--and, of course, the studio's high-grossing live-action remake of "101 Dalmatians"--"That Darn Cat" tries to recycle the central gimmick, if no the entire plot, of a Disney hit from yesteryear.
Cut the loose threads on the tip of the shoe and darn it again.