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media darling

A very famous and popular person who receives exceptionally positive media coverage or attention. Ever since the election season began, the presidential hopeful has become quite the liberal media darling. The rising star has captured the world with her talent and beauty, becoming one of the biggest media darlings of recent times.
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better be an old man's darling than a young man's slave

It is better for a woman to marry an old man who treats her well than a controlling young man. If anyone says that Lord Alistair is too old for you, just remember: better be an old man's darling than a young man's slave.
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Better be an old man's darling than a young man's slave.

Prov. A young woman should prefer to marry an old man who dotes on her rather than a young man who may treat her badly. When Mr. Nash proposed to me, I thought he was too old, but my mother advised me, "Better be an old man's darling than a young man's slave." When Marion's friends objected that her fiance was much too old for her, she said, "Better be an old man's darling than a young man's slave."
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Nor does it help that with the exception of Sutherland's suave power broker, the Darlings are initially such over-the-top cartoons as to blunt interest in whether they survive their respective scrapes.
Nick George Peter Krause Tripp Darling Donald Sutherland Patrick Darling William Baldwin Karen Darling Natalie Zea Rev.
That is because it is more than six miles from the next nearest Post Office - part of the new rules announced by Mr Darling which state that 95 per cent of the rural population should be within three miles of an office.
Mr Darling spends part of most holidays and other periods on Bernera (population: 250).
Suddenly Darling is the brainchild of Katelyn Rose, a 17-year-old girl and part-time model who felt that popular fashion advice could be improved with more variety and emphasis on positive self-worth.
Suddenly Darling meets this need while encouraging all kinds of styles.
Peter Krause, best-known as the late-lamented Nate of funeral parlour drama Six Feet Under, plays Nick George, an idealistic attorney who was deserted by his mom aged seven and grew up seeing his father sacrifice his freedom and his family time to protect the Darlings from the consequences of their own dirty deeds.
Though Nick has vowed never to follow in his father's footsteps, the sudden death of his dad leaves the seemingly devastated Darlings to recruit him as their chief lawyer, with persuasive patriarch Tripp Darling (Sutherland) offering him the job.
The golden wedding anniversary of Ed and Mattie Darling of Canoga Park was celebrated with a brunch for 70 family members and friends - some even from high school - at Sierra's Restaurant in Canoga Park, 50 years to the day of their Nov.
A homemaker, Mattie took care of the couple's five children - Debbie Pinson of Petaluma; Bruce Darling of Vancouver, British Columbia; Tom Darling of Moorpark; Jim Darling of Acton; and Laura Freed of Canoga Park.
Darling bought the vintage vehicle, appropriately named the Delta Darling, in the Carolinas during a trip to the East Coast and refurbished it with a new interior and fresh paint.
The Delta Darling is a 28-foot-long trailer from 1975 (the same year as the founding of Darling's Fine Things of Newport) and features a carefully selected array of the retailer's options.
Darling had written on the paper that she didn't care who she married as long as it wasn't a preacher.
Floyd Darling, and the Simi Valley couple recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary with 120 family members in attendance at the Clarion Hotel.
Accompanied by the three Darling children - Wendy, John, and Michael - Peter flies back to Never Land where they encounter the Lost Boys, Indians, Mermaids, and the treacherous pirate Captain Hook.