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The next part of the work was to find out how much darkening could be expected from all that impacting carbon.
We see that the sailboat reflects much less light, revealing the overall darkening of the painting.
Maybe it's just a slight darkening of the corners to draw the viewer's eye to the center of interest in the print, or perhaps a more elaborate application when I need to open up some shadow detail and tone down brighter areas.
In addition, the effects of light intensity and wavelength of the darkening rate were studied.
The results indicate that observers aren't sensitive to gradual darkening, so curators may not install adequate systems to protect the works, Salmon says.
What she reveals are the private moments particular to these women's lives and the endearing mundaneness against which we all live our lives: a neatly made bed, windows darkening against the evening, a playful handwritten note, a quiet moment of togetherness.
Oxidation and darkening occur during the processing of composites made from thermoplastic matrices and cellulosic reinforcements.
However, plain calcium lactate and overbased calcium lactate both showed the least amount of darkening, Patco reported.
In addition to the need for shading will also be a need for darkening of some classrooms in connection with the use of video projector equiv.
They found that the Dutch master's decision to use yellow paint mixed with white is responsible for the unintended darkening.
One of the most obvious reasons is the lighter mornings triggering early wakening Before you start taking remedies for this try darkening your bedroom.
When young Atlantic salmon squabble over a patch of river, the one that's getting the worst of the tussle says "uncle" by darkening its skin and eye ring.
While it's too early to tell from a one-month slowdown in sales activity, what we could be seeing here is the darkening weather front coming from the Asian crisis,'' he said.
As the single video microchip scans the area behind the car and as light conditions change, the system compensates for rising or falling light intensities in the rearview and sideview mirrors by automatically darkening or lightening each mirror independently to reduce or increase the amount of light reflected to the driver's eye.
In response, Dove has introduced Dove Advanced Color Care, a new line of shampoos, conditioners and specialty conditioning treatments that provide customized care for the different effects of lightening and darkening hair.