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darken a church door

To attend church or a service therein. I was raised Catholic, but I haven't darkened a church door since I was 15 years old.
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darken (one's) door

To visit one as an unwelcome guest. I can't believe she darkened our door and stayed for hours, even though I clearly wanted her to leave!
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never darken (one's) door again

To never return to someone's home; to be banished by someone. Don't worry, I've made sure that he'll never darken our door again.
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never darken (one's) doorstep again

To never return to someone's home; to be banished by someone. Don't worry, I've made sure that he'll never darken our doorstep again.
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never darken (one's) doorway again

To never return to someone's home; to be banished by someone. Don't worry, I've made sure that he'll never darken our doorway again.
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darken someone's door

Fig. [for an unwelcome person] to come to someone's door seeking entry. (As if the visitor were casting a shadow on the door. Formal, or even jocular.) Who is this who has come to darken my door? She pointed to the street and said, "Go and never darken my door again!"
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darken someone's door

Come unwanted to someone's home, as in I told him to get out and never darken my door again. The verb darken here refers to casting one's shadow across the threshold, a word that occasionally was substituted for door. As an imperative, the expression is associated with Victorian melodrama, where someone (usually a young woman or man) is thrown out of the parental home for some misdeed, but it is actually much older. Benjamin Franklin used it in The Busybody (1729): "I am afraid she would resent it so as never to darken my doors again."
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never darken someone's door


never darken someone's doorstep

If someone tells you never to darken their door again or never to darken their doorstep again, they are ordering you never to visit them again. The law firm told them to destroy all dossiers and never darken their doorstep again.
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not darken somewhere's door


not darken somewhere's doorstep

If someone never goes to a place, you can say that they do not darken its door or do not darken its doorstep. He had not darkened the door of a church for a long time. Plenty more cases never darken the doorstep of a courthouse. Note: The image here is of someone's dark shadow falling across the door.
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never darken someone's door (or doorstep)

keep away from someone's home permanently.
1988 Salman Rushdie The Satanic Verses They couldn't lock her away in any old folks' home, sent her whole family packing when they dared to suggest it, never darken her doorstep, she told them, cut the whole lot off without a penny or a by your leave.
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not/never darken somebody’s ˌdoor aˈgain

(old-fashioned or humorous) not/never come to somebody’s home again because you are not welcome: Go! And never darken my door again!
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Airless bodies are known to be darkened by micrometeorite impacts and bombardment of solar wind, processes that create a thin coating of dark iron nanoparticles on the surface.
Knights of the Lamppost There is a lamppost, shining bright, Giving off a brilliant light, Many a person, under to pass, Their essence, in its beam, to cast, Others under it, there to stand, Many a future romance planned Like a soldier straight, standing there, Many a secret tale could share, Its light to brighten many a darkened place, Shadows of time, nobody wanting to face, The moon also, shining down from high, When she is welcomed in the sky, But should a cloud darken her face, The streets, no longer a very safe place, The lampposts are knights, all in disguise, In their stance, all of one size, Such a chivalrous part to play, In all weathers they stand, their glory to be, Yet we, their presence may never see, So used to them, day and night, Their place in our world just so right.
AS PART of the Darkened Room series of events, cinema-goers will have a special Fourth of July themed treat at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, next Monday.
Enjoying your food in a darkened room will heighten your senses to the food's taste and the converstation around you, organisers believe.
Continuously variable delay allows users to vary how quickly the helmet returns from a darkened view back to a light state, while continuously variable sensitivity makes the helmet adaptable to different welding environments and lighting conditions.
The Night Edition features an optional special matt black finish, 19-inch AMB five-spoke light-alloy wheels in a two-tone, high-gloss finish, silver-painted front brake calipers, a darkened Mercedes-Benz emblem and darkened headlamps/tail-lamps.
The Auris SR 180 has lowered suspension springs and a rear spoiler as well as 17-inch alloy wheels and darkened rear windows.
Like any painting, the work has changed with the passage of time--the oil medium Seurat used has darkened and yellowed, and the coarse linen support he employed also has darkened.
It features a darkened grille section with horizontal fins resembling the high performance Golf GTI and R32 models.
The first lunar eclipse in 2 1/2 years will occur on Saturday, but the darkened moon will be a no-show for stargazers in Los Angeles, astronomers said Thursday.
Enrapturing the minds of its young readers, Little Library Mouse combines a poetic text with full page works of art in presenting his adventurous endeavors throughout the night of the darkened library through pages and pictures of some very interesting books.
Then late one summer evening, Sherman is showing off his bicycle skills and tricks when a car comes down the darkened alley.
Taking the name of Predator they come with a list of additional features including darkened windows.
4-litre Sport model and costs pounds 15,990 air conditioning, a single CD player and darkened windows.
4-litre Sport model and costs pounds 15,990 with 16 inch steel wheels, air con, single CD player and darkened windows.