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dare someone (to do something)

to challenge someone to do something. Sally dared Jane to race her to the corner. You wouldn't do that, would you? I dare you.

You wouldn't dare (to do something)!

an exclamation that shows disbelief about something that the speaker has stated an intention of doing. Bill: I'm going to leave school. Tom: You wouldn't dare leave! Bill: Be quiet or I'll slap you. Jane: You wouldn't dare to slap me!

don't you dare

I will be very angry at you if you do "I'm going to tell Billy what you said about him." "Don't you dare! "
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how dare you do something

I am very surprised and shocked by what you are doing How dare you show up at my wedding?
Usage notes: usually shows that you think someone's behavior is very wrong: How dare he accuse us of lying!
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I dare say

(slightly formal)
I am quite certain Oh, I dare say Caroline and I will find some way to fill the time while you go off shopping.
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I dare say

1. I venture to assert or affirm, as in I dare say my point of view will be heard. [c. 1300]
2. Also, I daresay. I presume or assume to be likely, as in I daresay you'll be invited. This usage is more common in Britain than in America. [Mid-1700s]
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Over 150m long, Daring will have a range of 7,000 nautical miles.
Together with her five sister ships, HMS Daring is designed to be a flexible multi-role vessel able to carry out a variety of tasks across the globe, from an air defence role to humanitarian and anti-piracy functions.
Sailing on Daring is like moving from a one-star B&B to a fivestar hotel.
The appointer picked the cream to work on board Daring, as the eyes of the world would be watching.
At first I didn't think Daring would get off the ground.
But now, with prospects of having a ballet choreographed especially for him, Lapshin feels that his main risks are already taken, even though the future of the Daring troupe is speculative.
Daring, which has a stealth design to help avoid detection, will take over from a frigate on station east of Suez.
SHIP SHAPE J Able Seaman Sean Dobson gives destroyer HMS Daring's bell a polish FAREWELL n A piper, below left, plays and the crew waves as HMS Daring leaves Portsmouth Harbour
It is a tremendous honour to have Daring associated with Birmingham, I'm absolutely delighted.
The ship really is something absolutely stunning, the people of Birmingham should be very proud of HMS Daring.
She reveals: "The most daring thing I have ever worn was my hospital gown with a coat over the top.
She admits: "The most daring thing I have ever done is when I was draped in a sheet and nothing else for a photograph.
Daring said, referring to the official percentage and the modified figure.
Daring said city educators are focusing on freshmen, noting that these students who fail multiple courses or are frequently absent can easily become drop-outs.