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dare someone (to do something)

to challenge someone to do something. Sally dared Jane to race her to the corner. You wouldn't do that, would you? I dare you.

You wouldn't dare (to do something)!

an exclamation that shows disbelief about something that the speaker has stated an intention of doing. Bill: I'm going to leave school. Tom: You wouldn't dare leave! Bill: Be quiet or I'll slap you. Jane: You wouldn't dare to slap me!

don't you dare

I will be very angry at you if you do "I'm going to tell Billy what you said about him." "Don't you dare! "
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how dare you do something

I am very surprised and shocked by what you are doing How dare you show up at my wedding?
Usage notes: usually shows that you think someone's behavior is very wrong: How dare he accuse us of lying!
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I dare say

(slightly formal)
I am quite certain Oh, I dare say Caroline and I will find some way to fill the time while you go off shopping.
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I dare say

1. I venture to assert or affirm, as in I dare say my point of view will be heard. [c. 1300]
2. Also, I daresay. I presume or assume to be likely, as in I daresay you'll be invited. This usage is more common in Britain than in America. [Mid-1700s]
See also: dare, say
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Taxi Magic launched Taxi Truth or Dare on Thursday, June 5, and is continuing the promotion Wednesday, June 11 - Friday, June 13 between 3 p.
AN EXHIBITION will be held on the 60th anniversary of comic book hero Dan Dare.
Some of the dares were just silly ('spend a day with an imaginary friend including them in everything you do'), some were a little scary ('stage an impromptu Love Munster March in Belfast') and a few were outright lunacy ('hijack a bus at gun/knife point, throw the driver off and drive it for at least 2km').
Each story is set up with a Truth or Dare question posed by some member of the group.
They still dare to make promises and care enough to keep the promises they make.
The DARE is a heartfelt, thoughtful challenge to the way business is conducted today .
Dog owners from across the country responded with thousands of dares and today, Purina Dog Chow Brand Dog Food announced the three Grand Prize winning dares, each benefitting a worthy charity.
The goal is to increase social sharing through generating "likes," winning coins and encouraging new social connections and dares.
FamilyLife's daily Love Dare challenge was inspired by Alex and Stephen Kendrick's popular film Fireproof, and their new book, The Love Dare.
com) launches SheKnows Connect, a new social media platform along with the site's first ever social feature, SheKnows Dares.
It combines the power of online communities with the fun of having dares, challenges and bets among friends.
Bachelorette Dares, created by Courtney Cook, is the size of a deck of cards that fits discreetly into an evening handbag.
Game Show Network, the 24-hour cable network devoted exclusively to game shows and interactive game play, presents "Scares & Dares with Elvira," a Halloween marathon of "Who Dares Wins," the popular and successful Australian reality show.
Paul Hartness had climbed into the crack in the house-size boulder on a dare from a friend, but slipped and became wedged 18 feet below the rock's flat surface.