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An expression of annoyance or frustration. Dang, the library closed five minutes ago—I knew I should have left the house earlier. Did Helen already leave? Dang!

gol dern

 and gol dang
Rur. God damn.; God-damned. Gol dern it, Mary, shut the screen door! Them bugs is get-tin' in here in droves. The gol dang car's in the shop again.
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That's for dang sure!

Rur. That is quite certain! (The formulaic response to That's for sure!. The accent is always on the dang.) Tom: That's for sure! Jane: That's for dang sure! Sally: We'll be there and that's for sure! Bill: Yup! That's for dang sure!
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If you want television in your New Year's Eve but don't want to actually turn the danged thing on, some pretty good books with a television connection have come along recently.
To land, even if you can't see the danged runway, anyway.
The pocket pistol is one of the most intriguing tools on earth, and for a danged good reason.
It is why McCain was able to make amends merely by appearing on television with a border county sheriff and saying "complete the danged fence" Even some leaders in the restrictionist movement are easily swayed, as evidenced by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's endorsement of Rick Perry for president long after the Texas governor ceased to lead in national polls and despite his record on immigration.
Now I'll be danged if I got me a "DINK" on the big, flat-head screwtop at the end of my tube on my tubefed, lever-action stainless steel shorty .
The next week I was danged if that Police Chief Bill Blair didn't go on national radio and claim the whole thing was a setup 'cause the tape was tampered with.
Edward Kennedy in 2007, Arizona Senator John McCain did an about-face on the issue in a campaign ad demanding the federal government "complete the danged fence.
Someone else baked the kolaches, but the bread was Dana's responsibility, and danged if a lot of people didn't say it was better than before.
Which it was--we danged near froze after we sat down in our soaking clothes and waited for daybreak.
Conner, I'm sick and danged tired of you making me cry.
The only visual jolt is the fleeting appearance of a spacey girl (Elissa Piszel)--and the larger metaphorical presence of that danged horse, of course.
Soon he's groping bordello babes, cheating at poker and demanding a shoot-out with any danged varmint with the temerity to ask what he's hiding up his sleeve.
But that danged sunset--how could something so beautiful be so maddening?
An editor, responding to the question how could such a thing happen, said simply: "That reporter didn't know a danged thing.