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fine and dandy

nice; good; well. Well, that's just fine and dandy. Couldn't be better. I feel fine and dandy, and I'm going to have a good time here.
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excellent. This is a jim-dandy knife. Where'd you get it? Tom: I'll meet you at six, OK? Charlie: That'll be jim-dandy.

fine and dandy

All right, excellent, as in What you're proposing is fine and dandy with the rest of us. This redundant colloquialism ( fine and dandy both mean "excellent") today is more often used sarcastically in the sense of "not all right" or "bad," as in You don't want to play bridge? Fine and dandy, you've left me without a partner.
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fine and dandy

mod. nice; good; well. (Often sarcastic.) Well, that’s just fine and dandy. Couldn’t be better!
See also: and, dandy, fine
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Marnane will now test Dandy Boy's mettle in next month's Nunthorpe Stakes at York before mapping out the remainder of his season.
Dandy Dick is a safe bet for an hilarious night out.
Well Desperate Dan will live on along with Korky and Bananaman when the Dandy goes online.
Neil's love for the comic book characters he read about prompted him to become a collector - he now has Dandy annuals dating back to the 1930s.
In September 1941, as wartime paper shortages forced The Dandy to switch to fortnightly publication, Dan became a wartime hero in Britain, sinking German U-boats and fighting enemy plans with a peashooter.
Mike Thompson, manager of the specialist comic shop The Travelling Man on Grainger Street, Newcastle, said the announcement was a sad day as The Dandy had been integral to the development of modern day American comics, which are currently incredibly popular.
Panthers spokesman Mark Farrell, added: "We're really pleased to be sponsored by Gibbs & Dandy this season and the new kits look great.
May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- A new CD and digital collection of 14 Dandy Warhols standout singles and album tracks, plus one brand new song, will be released by Capitol/EMI in North America on August 24.
Published in Dundee for almost 70 years, The Dandy has become an institution in the comic world with characters like Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat and Keyhole Kate.
After he had finished fourth to Jenny Pitman's Corbiere in the 1983 race, Hallo Dandy spent a major part of an open day at the Richards' stables in Cumbria giving rides to kids at 50p a go.
Dandy Events and Party Specialists, which started life as a fancy dress hire shop in Newcastle 25 years ago, has moved from its original 2,000 sq ft shop on Pink lane to 8,000 sq ft on Scotswood Road and says it is poised to create another four jobs.
YOU may not have heard of The Dandy Warhols, but you have heard their music.
Yankee Doodle Dandy - Two-Disc Special Edition'' (Warner; $26.
ONE OF RON GALELLA'S candid portraits of Liza Minnelli, taken in 1968 at the premiere of A Dandy in Aspic, shows Judy's little gin in an amazing white suit, black shirt, and white silk tie, a daisy brooch on her swank lapel, no longer The Sterile Cuckoo, but ready for all the cabaret, life, has to offer.
The old-style dandy hated vulgarity,' she wrote, but "the new-style dandy' could savor its camp value.