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walking dandruff

and galloping dandruff
n. lice. (see also pants rabbits.) The bum called his lice “walking dandruff.” I don’t know anybody with galloping dandruff—I hope.
See also: dandruff, walking

galloping dandruff

See also: dandruff, galloping
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While not directly responsible, certain things can make your dandruff worse like the overuse of hair products, emotional stress or washing your hair too much or little.
GREENTECH's anti-dandruff promotion strategy is based on the ability of DANDRILYS to cleanse the scalp and hair of impurities and dandruff by preventing sebum production," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Manager for Health and Wellness Sandhya Kamath.
Milder formulas can be the key to reducing dandruff.
On physical examination, she is found to have erythematous eyelid margins, with cylindrical dandruff at the base of most of the eyelashes (Figure 1).
In a Gilani Research Foundation survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked: "Do you have dandruff problem?
Lather dandruff shampoo up well and let it sit for several minutes for best results.
Even though the terms 'seborrheic eczema' and 'dandruff' are sometimes used interchangeably, dandruff is the term used when only the scalp is involved.
Supuran and colleagues explain that dandruff involves an excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp.
The front of the eye can be triggered by an allergy, bacteria or dandruff.
Psychologically, it should be a bit of dandruff to be brushed off by the players.
It's also known as walking dandruff due to the amount of scale produced and the fact you can just about see mites moving around on the fur.
IT'S estimated as many as half of us suffer from dandruff occasionally and it is more common in people in their twenties.
ASPIRIN can also treat dandruff - mix two to three pills in your normal shampoo.
I was successful but now I'm suffering from severe dandruff and hair loss.
The following symptoms may result from a diet low in calories and/or nutrients: dull eyes, bloodshot eyes, bleeding gums, dry skin, rough skin, weak nails, dry hair, shedding hair, dull hair and dandruff.