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fine and dandy

nice; good; well. Well, that's just fine and dandy. Couldn't be better. I feel fine and dandy, and I'm going to have a good time here.
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excellent. This is a jim-dandy knife. Where'd you get it? Tom: I'll meet you at six, OK? Charlie: That'll be jim-dandy.

fine and dandy

All right, excellent, as in What you're proposing is fine and dandy with the rest of us. This redundant colloquialism ( fine and dandy both mean "excellent") today is more often used sarcastically in the sense of "not all right" or "bad," as in You don't want to play bridge? Fine and dandy, you've left me without a partner.
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fine and dandy

mod. nice; good; well. (Often sarcastic.) Well, that’s just fine and dandy. Couldn’t be better!
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Dandies are sold at Whole Foods Market and other natural foods stores across the US, Canada, and select International markets.
Dandies are "a la fois pretres et victimes" says Baudelaire, (OC II, 711).
Ils trouverent celle-la, qui etait si dandie (je ne sais pas un autre mot pour l'exprimer), de faire raper leurs habits avant de les mettre, dans toute l'etendue de l'etoffe, jusqu'a ce qu'elle ne fut plus qu'un espece de dentelle--une nuee.
All dandies, Baudelaire points out, "participent du meme caractere d'opposition et de revolte" (2: 711).
Nick Gallop of Gallop Studios, was enlisted for his work in photography and used his modern style to highlight the Dandies of this coffee table book.
For the uninitiated, ``Earnest'' follows two London dandies, both of whom have perfected the art of deception.
The Dandies, incidentally, appear tonight with Supergrass at the Palace in Hollywood.