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You can't dance without them, and if you don't I should be so mortified.
Each dances for several minutes--as long as he pleases; it is a very merry proceeding, with laughter and singing, and when the guest has finished, he finds himself face to face with Teta Elzbieta, who holds the hat.
To be sure, a stone floor was not the pleasantest to dance on, but then, most of the dancers had known what it was to enjoy a Christmas dance on kitchen quarries.
The damsels wear nothing but flowers and their compendious gala tunics; and when they plume themselves for the dance, they look like a band of olive-coloured Sylphides on the point of taking wing.
With more than equal civility the offer was declined; she did not wish to dance.
The two dances were scarcely concluded before Catherine found her arm gently seized by her faithful Isabella, who in great spirits exclaimed, "At last I have got you.
She said that the Portman Rooms had the best floor in London and she always liked the dances there; they were very select, and she couldn't bear dancing with all sorts of men you didn't know anything about; why, you might be exposing yourself to you didn't know what all.
Pepper stopped and began a discourse upon round dances, country dances, morris dances, and quadrilles, all of which are entirely superior to the bastard waltz and spurious polka which have ousted them most unjustly in contemporary popularity--when the waiters gently pushed him on to his table in the corner.
In these three dances the dancers furnish their own music, which never varies; nor do the steps or figures vary, having been handed down from time immemorial.
I wonder," she remarked with apparent irrelevance, "whether he dances.
And--in this state of health--she goes out to parties, and dances.
Well, I 'll take her; but I shall come to grief, for I don't know anything about your old dances.
She had scarcely entered the ballroom and reached the throng of ladies, all tulle, ribbons, lace, and flowers, waiting to be asked to dance--Kitty was never one of that throng--when she was asked for a waltz, and asked by the best partner, the first star in the hierarchy of the ballroom, a renowned director of dances, a married man, handsome and well-built, Yegorushka Korsunsky.
We can get a couple of dances in before we eat," Mary proposed.
A little girl performed a skirt dance in the center of the floor.