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damp squib

Someone or something that disappoints or does not meet expectations. The film got a lot of hype, but I thought it was a bit of a damp squib.
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damp down

1. To moisten something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "damp" and "down." I have to damp down my hair before combing it, or else it just sticks straight up.
2. To make a fire or flame less intense. A noun or pronoun can be used between "damp" and "down." The room's getting too hot now, so damp down the fire.
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damp off

To die after overexposure to water. Typically used in reference to plants and seeds. I'm worried that days of torrential rain will damp off the flowers I just planted.
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damp off

[for seedlings] to die from too much water. All the new plants damped off, and we had to buy some from the nursery. The little seedlings damped off and withered away.
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damp something down

1. Lit. to make something damp. Damp the clothes down before you iron them, Please damp down the clothes first.
2. Fig. to reduce the intensity of a flame, usually by cutting down on the air supply, as with a damper. Please damp the woodstove down. Damp down the air supply or you are going to end up with a raging inferno.
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a damp squib

mainly BRITISH
COMMON A damp squib is something which is much less impressive or exciting than it was expected to be. As a rebellion, it was something of a damp squib. The whole campaign turned out to be a damp squib. Note: A squib is a small firework. A damp squib would not go off properly, and so it would be a disappointment.
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a damp squib

an unsuccessful attempt to impress; an anticlimax.
This expression stems from the idea that a squib, a type of small firework, will not have the desired explosive effect if it is damp.
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a damp ˈsquib

(British English, informal) an event, experience, etc. that is expected to be interesting or exciting, but is in fact boring or ordinary: In the end, the party turned out to be rather a damp squib.
A squib is a type of small firework. If it is damp, it will not burn properly.
See also: damp, squib
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You will often be told that dampness in the base of the walls is rising dampness caused by a defective dampproof course or that there is no dampproof course.
Any fresh penetrating dampness doesn't have to be a disaster; if we are watchful we can catch the decay before it has a chance to develop.
Melville and Gordon look to five reasons for dampness and ask the surveyor to consider each.
If your thermal insulation cannot deal with this water, you finish up with dampness and mould.
A little dampness is not a great problem but a house that doesn't dry out because of rising damp, roof leaks or condensation, can shorten life expectancy.
You see, dampness comes from a variety of sources and just because it's on a chimney breast doesn't mean it is caused by .
What to do about it Where the DPC has failed or is missing, there are different remedies available to stop rising dampness from continuing.
Following an inspection no structural dampness was found, although there was evidence of condensation.
Titanic,'' the most expensive film ever made, soaked up a ton of good reviews and looked to make its dampness felt at Oscar time.
They have taken a set of bricks and placed them in a tray of water in a clean laboratory and can't reproduce the dampness surveyors have seen .
Dampness and cold houses impact on respiratory health and allergies.
People living in the Newcastle's West End whose health is affected by inadequate heating systems, dampness, draughts or condensation can apply for free improvement work.
In the meantime, proper ventilation will help the condensation to evaporate and eliminate the dampness.
I'D hate to count how many times I've written about dampness over the past 10 years or so.