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put the damper on (something)

To discourage or deter something; to make something less enjoyable, pleasant, or fun; to extinguish or lessen people's enthusiasm for something. (A less common variant of "put a damper on something.") The foul weather really put the damper on our picnic yesterday. Without question, this tax scandal has put the damper on the senator's likelihood of being re-elected. CDs quickly became the dominant format for music, but when digital formats arrived soon thereafter, it put the damper on CD sales just as quickly.
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put a damper on something

Fig. to have a dulling or numbing influence on something. The bad news really put a damper on everything. The rainy weather put a damper on our picnic.
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put a damper on something

to make something less enjoyable The terrible weather put a damper on this year's New Year celebrations.
Etymology: a damper is a device that reduces the loudness of sound, esp. on a piano, or controls the temperature of a fire
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put a damper/dampener on something

to stop an occasion from being enjoyable
Usage notes: A damper is a device used on piano strings to make the sound less loud.
Steve lost his wallet so that rather put a damper on the evening. We were both ill while we were in Boston, which put a bit of a dampener on things.
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put a damper on

Discourage, dishearten, deter, as in Grandpa's death put a damper on our Christmas holidays. This idiom employs the noun damper in the sense of "something that damps or depresses the spirits," a usage dating from the mid-1700s.
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put a damper on something

tv. to reduce the intensity of something, such as a problem. The death of the chief put a damper on the ceremony.
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The Pirkey generating station's problems multiplied when the unreliable damper drives caused increased maintenance demands.
If you have any queries or applications for standard or hygienic Flowguard Pulsation Dampers & Surge Absorbers please call or fax our sales office.
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Curve 2 shows the dependency of the resisting force generated by MRF damper on the strength of the magnetic field at the speed of the piston motion equal to 450 mm/min.
The difference between this test case and the fresh air damper leakage case is in the controller setting.
So, vehicles that are part of the 3rd Stryker Brigade in Alaska are now authorized to remove the steering dampers when the temperature drops below 0[degrees]F for a sustained period.
The front axle has also been newly engineered; it combines a double-joint spring-strut front axle with a damper connection, which is decoupled from the vehicle body.
It was necessary to measure sufficient set of transient characteristics to analyze dynamical properties of the damper.
LORD dampers are routinely designed to meet challenging operating conditions including cold temperature environments and small oscillatory displacements.
Because the dampers are remotely controlled, there is no need to use scaffolding for access or to break into finished walls for adjustment purposes.
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NASDAQ SmallCap: "TAYD") announced today that it has been informed that its Seismic Damper Technology was responsible for both the company and its President, Douglas P.
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The Simetal Drive Damper is installed on the tilting drive of the AOD converter.
The damper at the primary air inlet is used to modulate the conditioned air.