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Damnation was produced, mixed and co-written by Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson, who contributed both keyboards and guest vocals on the album.
La Damnation de Faust was first given in concert version under Berlioz's own direction in 1846.
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I don't always agree with George's opinions, but he is 100 per cent correct in his damnation of Margaret Thatcher.
Not shy about placing ``Manzanar'' in the grand tradition of classical music, Nagano compares the work's structure to certain works by Berlioz, including ``La Damnation de Faust,'' ``Romeo et Juliette'' and the curio ``Lelio.
While other religions have leaders who constantly preach against gay equality and warn of damnation and social collapse if they're opposed--say, the Reverend Jerry Falwell or Pope John Paul II--the Church of Jesus Christ has 94-year-old president Gordon B.
If man does not repent of such immoral actions, they may lead to his eternal damnation.
A number of films have perplexed cinema goers over their names: Road to Perdition: An old word that means damnation, it also refers to the name of the town in which the Tom Hanks and Paul Newman film is set.
Although More was duty-bound to crush heresy and although he believed that it led to damnation, Guy thinks that More was too extreme.
He opened by saying that the board could in no way admonish a woman who was only trying to save my son from eternal damnation, but that they would agree to waive their normal rule and allow Peter to join his brother's class.
In Italy there is a particular form of revenge known as la gran vendetta designed to inflict maximum punishment on a person by bringing about death and eternal damnation.
The price of the ticket is the eradication of obfuscation of damnation and petrification of sublimation in the nation.
If the BBA erects but a speed bump on the federal government's joyride to fiscal damnation, then let the constitutional games begin.
Like the born-again who sat in his pickup truck outside the University of South Carolina stadium, thundering about damnation.
Unless the ever-crafty Jack figures a cunning way out of this Faustian pact, he will be cursed to an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation.