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damage control

The efforts made to reduce, negate, or counteract damage, loss, or any other unfavorable outcome. The IT department was on serious damage control after it became apparent that our servers had been hacked. The senator has been doing damage control ever since he let slip racist remarks during a television interview.
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damaged goods

1. Literally, products that have become inferior or unsellable as the result of being damaged or impaired in some way. They sold me damaged goods and wouldn't refund my money when I went to return them!
2. A person who is seen as emotionally or psychologically unstable as the result of some traumatic experience. (Possibly derogatory.) Growing up with abusive parents has left me as damaged goods.
3. A person whose reputation has been damaged, corrupted, or tarnished. The young CEO became damaged goods after news of his insider trading spread—now he can't even get a job flipping burgers.
4. dated, derogatory A woman who is considered unmarriageable or otherwise inferior due to having engaged in sexual intercourse before or outside of marriage. I once thought that she was the fairest, purest woman in town, but now that I know she had illicit relations with another man, she is nothing but damaged goods to me.
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acceptable damage

 and acceptable losses
Euph. casualties or destruction inflicted by an enemy that is considered minor or tolerable. At present, the enemy's first-strike capability would produce acceptable damage. The general indicated that the fifty thousand casualties were within the range of acceptable losses.
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What's the damage?

Sl. What are the charges?; How much is the bill? Bill: That was delicious. Waiter, what's the damage? Waiter: I'll get the check, sir. Waiter: Your check sir. Tom: Thanks. Bill: What's the damage, Tom? Let me pay my share. Tom: Nonsense, I'll get it. Bill: Okay this time, but I owe you one.

What's the damage?

  (informal, humorous)
used to ask how much you have to pay for something 'We;ve mended your car.' 'Great. What's the damage?'

damage control

Measures to minimize or curtail loss or harm. For example, As soon as they discovered the leak to the press, the senator's office worked night and day on damage control . Used literally since the 1950s, specifically for limiting the effect of an accident on a ship, this term began to be used figuratively in the 1970s.
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damaged goods

A person, especially an unmarried woman who is no longer a virgin, as in A person who has sex before marriage is not considered damaged goods in this day and age . This pejorative expression transfers the reduced value of materials (stock, provisions, etc.) marred in some way to women who have had a sexual experience. [Early 1900s]
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do someone wrong

Also, do someone damage or harm . Injure someone; be unfaithful or disloyal; act unjustly or unfairly toward someone. For example, John's done me wrong, and I intend to tell him so, or She did him real damage when she started that rumor: The first term dates from the late 1300s; the substitutions of damage and harm are newer. However, while these locutions are still current, a more common modern usage is to turn them into verbal phrases-that is, wrong someone, harm someone, damage someone.
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the damage

The cost or price of something, as in So what's the damage for this outfit? This seemingly modern slangy phrase, with damage alluding to the harm done to one's pocketbook, was first recorded in 1755.
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n. the cost; the amount of the bill (for something). (see also bad news.) As soon as I pay the damage, we can go.


mod. drunk. Them guys went out and really got damaged.
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hail damage

n. cellulite. Man, look at that hail damage on her hips!
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What’s the damage?

interrog. What are the charges?; How much is the bill? BILL: That was delicious. Waiter, what’s the damage? WAITER: I’ll get the check, sir.

What’s your damage?

interrog. What’s your problem? (Like a damage report.) You look beat, man. What’s your damage?
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IN BUDGET-CONSCIOUS TIMES MANY COMPANIES MISS the opportunity to recover hundreds and thousands of dollars each year through the subrogation process--filing claims against third parties responsible for causing damage or injury to companies and their assets when these losses are uninsured or fall below the policy deductible.
The high school district is so far estimating $230,000 in damage and Lancaster School District about $300,000.
Murphy originally included the full amount of the damages in her gross income and paid the appropriate taxes, but she later filed an amended return claiming a refund based on the exclusion in section 104(a)(2) regarding damages received "on account of personal physical injuries or physical sickness.
When we did all our analysis and statistics, it turned out that the likelihood of quitting smoking with ease after insula damage was 136 times higher than for damage anywhere else in the brain," says Bechara.
The Buentes' home sustained $50,000 to $100,000 in damages as a result of Katrina; they were paid $2,600--the amount Allstate determined to be covered wind damage.
The civil case was tried before a jury, which determined that the plaintiff's constitutional rights had been violated, but only $1 in nominal damages were eventually awarded.
When a damage award or settlement has both components, the taxpayer must allocate the proceeds and legal fees paid.
Severe damage to six convents caused nuns to lose all of their personal belongings, according to the diocese.
This yielded a "DNA damage index" based upon the different spectral properties of gill DNA from each fish group.
Thus, investors could exclude the portion of the damage award that reimburses them for medical expenses connected to emotional distress caused by investment losses.
This effect accounts for most of the ultimate damage from those traumas.
Consequently, fees will be paid from the damage award as opposed to being added on top of the damage award.
If damage is detected, the cell attempts to repair the damage.
The two-lane mountain highway, hit by the worst storm damage in its 50-year history, will remain closed this summer, but Caltrans officials hope to have it reopened by summer 2007 - unless more bad storm damage occurs next winter.