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dally over something

to waste time or take too long doing something. Don't dally over your food. Eat your dinner. I wish you wouldn't dally over your homework.
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dally with someone

to flirt with someone; to waste time with someone of the opposite sex. (Old.) Sam is dallying with that Johnson girl again. Stop dallying with her and get back to your studies!
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dilly-dally (around) with someone or something

to waste time frivolously with someone or something. Stop dilly dallying around with your friends. He is always dilly-dallying around with his work.
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You should have acted instead of dilly dallying," Justice Patnaik observed.
Short is far too gifted a comedian to be dallying with such juiceless material, but his Jack Frost is, in a way, the film's central character.
Not content to go alone, Vidal invites the young coquette with whom he has been dallying.