daft as a brush

(as) daft as a brush

slang Strange or silly. Primarily heard in UK. Quit being as daft as a brush—it's too dangerous to play on this busy street!
See also: brush, daft

daft as a brush

If someone is as daft as a brush, they are very silly or stupid. She was as daft as a brush. Couldn't say anything with any sense in it. Note: This expression may have come from `as soft as a brush', as both `soft' and `daft' can mean stupid. Alternatively, it could have come from a fuller version, `as daft as a brush without bristles'.
See also: brush, daft

(as) ˌdaft as a ˈbrush

(British English, spoken) (of a person) very silly
See also: brush, daft
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Brian Burnie, a former millionaire who poured his money into the Daft as a Brush charity, has set off on a 7,000-mile walk around Britain's coastal paths.
Brian set up Daft as a Brush in 2010 to help people get to hospital with the help of a fleet of brightly coloured ambulances.
When we first got her she was daft as a brush, so her nickname was Daffy - but we couldn't just call her that in the show ring," he said.
POOR Diana, daft as a brush in life, wore a peacock-blue shimmering dress and flat metallic shoes for her latest manifestation in self-styled "psychic healer" Simone Simons' London flat.
I played with Gazza, who could be as daft as a brush.
As daft as a brush, which gained national fame when Sir Bobby Robson used the expression to describe Paul Gascoigne in the 1990 World Cup, was used in the mid 19th century when it was daft as a besom.
I told you in a previous verse Well I've kept on watching "Corrie" And I've found somebody worse This guy has it in for everyone He stands there spouting his views Behind the counter of the newly built Kabin Selling sweets and the Mancs Evening News His business partner is Rita She only serves when there's a bit of a rush He is so much in love with his girlfriend Mary, who is daft as a brush Oh Norris you are an old gossip A disgrace to the nice name of Cole Lovely people like Cheryl and Old King And Joe, who's now in a leftside midfield role Still I'm glad that the tram didn't get you Glad that you weren't written out Cos on reflection you look something like me Glasses - small - grumpy and short by Bobby Clinton, Anfield
An Aberdare woman is acting as daft as a brush after landing a lead role in one of television's most popular children's series.
Angry feminists across the Channel say the silly sex-pert is as daft as a brush.
Northumbria Blood Bikes, Daft As A Brush Cancer Patient Care and Cedars Academy went to the Primula Cheese on Gateshead's Team Valley, thinking that they were bidding for donations.
So when you pass Daft as a Brush House on the Great North Road, please give a thought for all the kind volunteer staff who make it all happen.
Getting pay cut back to just half a million a year, that's what's really daft as a brush.
JOE McLAUGHLIN is happy to admit John Hughes was as daft as a brush as a player.
Okay, I'm hanging around looking daft as a brush, but there's no need to rub it in, '' was Mr Jones' winning entry.
So when you pass Daft as a Brush House on the Great North Road, give a thought for all the kind volunteer staff who make it all happen.