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dabble at (something)

To do something without much effort or enthusiasm. I know you're just dabbling at cleaning your room because every pile of clothes is still on the floor. We didn't get much done because we just dabbled at the project all afternoon.
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dabble in (something)

To do something sporadically or as a hobby. Oh, I only dabbled in painting when I was younger—it's not like I went to art school or anything.
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dabble at something

to play at doing something; to do something halfheartedly. Don't just dabble at your history paper. Settle down and do it right. She dabbles at painting.
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dabble in something

to be involved in something in a casual manner. She dabbled in local politics for a while. I want to dabble in something new for a while.
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dabble in

To do some activity occasionally, superficially, or without ambition: I've dabbled in painting, but I'm not very good.
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CARL HODGSON They are probably given as much time to dabble, but far less instruction on how to use materials available.
To qualify for the upgrade, Dabble DB developers simply have to send an e-mail to Marketing@AlphaSoftware.
Amy Ciupak Lalonde dons sexy black lingerie for a bit of a dabble in demon-rousing
They were the stars of EastEnders, who both had a dabble with Hollywood.
Mark dabbles with speed dating and Jeremy braces himself for the arrival of his mother.
To anyone who might want to dabble I recommend the following.
Together they battle evil forces from the past, dabble in magic, and try to survive.
One sensible way of boosting the payout might be to have a dabble on the half-time/full-time market.
But when Pipe tries something, it can rarely be described as "a dabble.
Western institutions generally decline to dabble, partly because of title and registration issues.
The Conference is sponsored by 30 Boxes, 3TERA, ActiveGrid, Atlassian, Attensa, BEA, Blogtronix, Business Wire, Caspio, CNET, Coghead, CollectiveX, ConnectBeam, Dabble DB, Delicious Monster, Devon Group, EchoSign, Embrace Mobile, Etelos, Extentech, Fenwick & West, Foldera, Genius.
Unlike Dr Milson I am really unemployed with two young children and wonder whether I am alone among the one and a quarter million unemployed who view his dabble into unemployment as definitely not being enlightened or rewarding on any level.
The message is simple and stark: You dabble with heroin and you dice with death.
An Olympian and 2002 all-around champion, Dantzscher said she wants to dabble in acting, modeling or coaching.
The songs 'also dabble in a fun game of disco semiotics, dropping lyrical nods to hits as varied as Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round" ("like a record" she offers to one suitor who is, yes, spinning her around) and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam's "I Wonder ff I Take You Home.