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break the cycle

To not participate in dysfunctional and/or unhealthy behavior. Often, such behavior is commonplace in one's family, and the person breaking the cycle does so to keep it from continuing through future generations. I don't drink at all because I come from a long line of alcoholics, and I am determined to break the cycle! You need to break the cycle of procrastination, Michael. It is seriously starting to affect your grades.
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slang A motorcycle, referring to the likelihood that a motorcycle accident will result in the rider becoming an organ donor due to fatal injuries. You know Mom thinks of motorcycles as donorcycles. She'll freak out if she sees you on one!


n. a motorcycle. (Refers to the availability of donor organs after a motorcycle accident.) Guess what happens when you ride a donorcycle without a helmet?
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5-min heat cycle using preheated LLDPE powder and 6.
However, what Tillman clearly understood was the particular sector he was operating in and how that sector would be affected not just by the business cycle but also by the highly related interest rate cycle and other factors such as the changing demographics.
When the next cycle hits in a few years, scientists will have a better handle on which model to trust.
According to Dikpati's team, the conveyor-belt-like motion has slowed over the past few decades, indicating that the next solar cycle will be delayed.
It involves a grouping of four exercises for four cycles.
Although there is still much to be learned about the function and control of the Timeless protein, these results indicate that it does indeed act in the control of both the circadian clock and the cell cycle by interacting with circadian clock proteins and playing an important role in the DNA damage response.
Unfortunately, the law makes no distinction between what might be termed an "administrative" Unsafe (a minor crack on a rear facade that hasn't widened in ten years, noted as SWARMP in Cycle 5 but not yet repaired) and a newly discovered "barricade -the-streets-call-out-the-National-Guard" Unsafe, (a parapet wall of a 30-story building adjacent to a schoolyard, that has shifted 6" outward in the last 48 hours).
The exceptions to this are when quoting statements from other papers and when a path exists but a cycle does not.
The whole second cycle and half of the third were screened, at which point Beavers decided it was necessary to halt the projections, under pressure from the Lyssaraia firemen who had been on duty for seven hours that night to keep an eye on the gasoline-driven generator.
The cell cycle is a key cellular process that fails to function normally in cancer development.
In this cycle of our lives, we gather the wisdom that will develop the framework of who we are and what we offer as women.
The filter cleaning cycle must be synchronized with scale discharge by the control system.
A cycle (or, as it is sometimes called, sequence) is an integrated collection that features discrete, autonomous stories that nevertheless add up to or contribute to some composite whole.
Under the current system, taxpayers often file both formal and informal claims late in the audit cycle or in Appeals.
Much more than primary products, fluctuations in these same industrial and service activities are the basis for business cycle correlations across countries.