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cutthroat prices

Extremely low prices (i.e., those that "cut the throats" of competitors by being impossible to beat). They gained a huge foothold in the market by offering decent mid-range smartphones at cutthroat prices.
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cut someone's throat

1. Be the means of someone's ruin, as in Joe would cut her throat if she got in his way. One can also cut one's own throat, that is, spoil one's own chances, as in Alice cut her own throat by her repeated absences. This hyperbolic term alludes to actual murder (or suicide). [c. 1500]
2. cut one another's throats. Engage in destructive competition. For example, With their price war the two stores were cutting each other's throats. This usage gave rise, by 1880, to the idiom cutthroat competition, for vicious competitive practices.
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Camp Cutthroat : Rock Wall Me, Amadeus Premieres Wednesday, August 26[sup.
In some ways that's what the Cutthroats are all about--watching these young kids reach for the golden ring.
Due to the mishap, the greenback cutthroat trout population isn't as strong as scientists believed.
Pyramid and Walker lakes at the bottom of the present-day basin held native Lahontan cutthroat trout.
The cutthroat is an important link in the food chain of the park--from invertebrates to higher level consumers [like grizzly bears]," says Todd Koel, supervisory fisheries biologist at Yellowstone National Park.
O'Connor spoke candidly about the real estate management industry's cutthroat competition practices and the aggressive stance taken by the union, and he challenged the industry to attract more minorities.
In the March/April 2000 issue of Vegetarian Journal, you asked how ethical business owners make it in this cutthroat capitalist economy.
government would shower funds upon military officers and units that work in tandem with cutthroat, drug-trafficking paramilitaries.
Among the most pressing concern, though, is that whirling disease could seriously damage the few remaining populations of native Yellowstone and Westslope cutthroat, which have proven highly susceptible to the disease.
Historic records provide evidence that Rio Grande cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki virginalis) were indigenous to some Texas streams.
Despite claims that logging has damaged the island's sportfishery, a recent edition of Alaska Fish & Game magazine features 18 lakes and streams on Prince of Wales - a number of them running through previously logged areas - as prime fishing spots for four species of salmon, plus cutthroat, steelhead, rainbow, and Dolly Varden trout.
Cool-weather angling for cutthroat trout at Pyramid Lake, northeast of Reno
For anyone working in the oil and gas industry today, finding your way through the maze of contract management seems more cutthroat and challenging than ever before.
8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Food Network hit Cutthroat Kitchen goes all-star this fall, with sixteen elite chefs competing in the five-episode mayhem-filled Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage tournament under the watchful eye of host Alton Brown .