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cookie cutter

1. noun A tool used to cut dough into shapes for cookies. I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter for these Valentine's cookies—aren't they adorable?
2. adjective Identical to other things. In this usage, the phrase is typically hyphenated. I want a unique house, not one of those cookie-cutter boxes that looks like every other one on the block.
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and piss-whiz
n. an extraordinary person; someone who can do the impossible. (Usually objectionable.) Sam is a real piss-cutter when it comes to running. I ain’t no piss-whiz, just your average guy.
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Plenty good you put hundred cocoanut, two hundred cocoanut, three hundred cocoanut along cutter.
Then he went over and removed the head, which he wrapped in a mat and stowed in the stern locker of the cutter.
So soundly did the kanakas sleep through that long hot day that they did not see the cutter run out through the passage and head south, close-hauled on the southeast trade.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About brush cutter Garden equipment like brush cutters and power lawn mowers are used to maintain a healthy lawn and garden.
The global brush cutter market to grow with an increasing urbanization and industrialization, as the demand for landscaping of cities, gardens, and offices will rise in coming future.
For HDD jobs where enlarging the pilot hole is often the most expensive project cost, the new Viper and Jumbo Viper RockReamer were designed to address this problem by providing longer life, better penetration and smoother operation with enhanced cutter security.
Cutters in all sorts of shapes and sizes are the perfect small gifts for children, teachers, and grannies; they just say "Let's have fun" One of my favorite cookie cutters is our copper Mississippi-shaped cutter available from our Mississippi Collection forDollar15, including shipping and handling.
A new Screen Classifying Cutter from Munson Machinery (Utica, New York, USA) reduces hard, soft, and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes at high rates with minimal fines, the company says.
Impact load and vibration of spiral drum are inevitable when cutter cutting deep sea cobalt-rich crusts.
The Model SCC-15 screen cutter cuts hard, soft, and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes with minimal fines at high rates.
He designed and built a fixture to hold an end mill arbor securely during cutter install/removal.
Paisner belongs to the national Cookie Cutter Collectors Club, a group of approximately 650 men and women nationwide who share cookie-related information at meetings, conventions and through a quarterly newsletter, Cookie Crumbs.
The concertina wire cutter is a one-handed, multipurpose cutter that makes short work of just about any type of heavy-duty wire.
Quite often, the main benefit is simply elimination of tool wrecks and damaged cutter pockets.