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According to the WHO classification of acute leukemia, diagnosis is based on an arbitrary cut-off point of 20% blasts, as the percentage of bone marrow total or non-erythroid cells, or as the percentage of peripheral blood cells.
Malky Mackay is hoping to bring in cover before tomorrow afternoon's cut-off point for loan signings
However, using a cut-off point of [absolute value of .
As The Grocer went to press, Imperial Tobacco, which owns Britain's best-selling cigarette brand Lambert & Butler, was advising retailers that they should no longer honour any vouchers after Thursday (Feb 13), the cut-off point for advertising and promotions.
Its timing was not altogether propitious because at least two subsequent academic reviews were published in 2000, after the cut-off point - one by R.
The wording of the House Committee Reports and the regulations leads one to believe that there is a cut-off point to what is considered a substantial portion of a trade or business and thus falls under Sec.
Young chose the year 1960 as the cut-off point for the oldest of featured writers, and titled the book in the spirit of John Coltrane's classic album because, as he explains, "it changed the way we hear and see.
For middle schools, the cut-off point is 200 students, and since about 380 students in Sepulveda's neighborhood have already been diverted to another school, district officials say it now meets the criteria for switching to a year-round schedule.
And Ferguson is keen to bolster his squad before the cut-off point for Champions' League registration.
Perhaps most importantly, there is no explicit mechanism to determine the cut-off point between something that is considered cost-effective and worth paying for and something that is not.
It's too soon to tell for certain where the cut-off point will be, but Koch believes it will be in the mid 3-mm range, leaving plenty of opportunities in carbonated soft-drink, hot-fill, and refillable containers.
Finally, he stated that taxpayers need a definite cut-off point for when the "monitoring" of legislation becomes "lobbying.
Many times, in fact, neither the guarantor nor the lender actually considered a termination or cut-off point when the interest guaranty was originally prepared and executed.
In another sample of 30 depressed children, Puig-Antich's team found that those who maintained blood levels of imipramine above a predetermined cut-off point (150 nanograms per milliliter) improved significantly.