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Other members expressed their annoyance that support packages were being cut to the bone.
Vital services are pared down, sometimes cut to the bone.
Paul Brooks Poynton, Cheshire As a saver who has seen the interest rate on my life savings cut to the bone, I wonder where the money is coming from to pay the fines incurred by the banking industry.
Common sense, it appears, doesn't enter the equation at a time when police forces are being cut to the bone, it makes this situation doubly galling.
Firstly, as we all know, council budgets and spending is being cut to the bone, essential services are being decimated, and here we have the council rolling out another programme of yet another waste caddy which effectively will serve exactly the same purpose as the current green caddy and costing goodness how much to implement
Everything is already cut to the bone as it is, but this will start cutting into the bone.
WITH public sector budgets being cut to the bone, one senior Birmingham city councillor has hit on a money-making wheeze surrounding The Pope's visit to Cofton Park in September.
I retired from Barclays bank nearly two years ago after a career spanning more than 30 years and in the last 10 or so years that I was with them, staffing levels were cut to the bone and all sickness and most holiday cover became a thing of the past.
General secretary Mark Serwotka said: "Services are already being cut to the bone.
Public services like the NHS and education would be cut to the bone.
Quite a lot of our customers want quality first, then price, although there are some who always want the price cut to the bone.
With Britton's selection options cut to the bone, Ian Foster made his first start since November after top marksman Bo Henriksen was left out with a hamstring worry, while crocked defender Scott Stamp had to sit on the bench.
The club is for sale at PS25million and jailed owner Carson Yeung wants running costs cut to the bone.
These laws are not enforced because road traffic policing has also been cut to the bone.
What must not be allowed to happen is that council taxpayers are made to pay through the nose with much higher bills while frontline services are cut to the bone.