cut a break

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cut (one) a break

To be lenient or do something that makes a situation easier for someone else. A: "You cut them a break and charged them much less than me!" B: "Yeah, because they're family members and you're not." You know I never make requests like this, cut me a break.
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cut someone a break

 and cut someone some slack
Sl., to give someone a break; to allow someone a reprieve from the consequences of an action. Come on, cut me a break! I'm a good guy! I was only a few minutes late! Cut me a break! Don't dock my pay! Cut me some slack and I'll be sure to pay you all I owe in a month.
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In England, they cut some slack to the teams in the lower leagues when they want to sign players who are free agents but it's not the same here", he continues.
PAT NEVIN believes Gordon Strachan should be cut some slack because the Scotland national team is bereft of quality.
Mamadou Sakho has to be cut some slack as he was bound to need asettling in period following his arrival in English football.
The bottom line is he is in Glasgow, his family aren't and if he needs to be cut some slack to make things work then the club are happy to accommodate that where possible.
Opposite number Mark Warburton is experiencing the derby for the first time and Walker reckons he deserves to be cut some slack if Rangers lose.
IN THE DOGHOUSE Sometimes we dogs do more than pee, and guilty is our shameful plea Please cut some slack, for our small brain has yet to learn to pull the chain Some owners cough and turn their back, leaving we poor mutts to take the flak All dogs get blamed by reflected grief, through a few being vicious with their teeth But fair do's now at least we try to keep at bay that burglar guy It's true we bark and cause complaints, but 'Hey'
Record Sport asked Warburton if he should cut some slack to a rookie ref in the way he would a kid making a breakthrough at first-team level.
Given the circumstances when he took over, he deserves to be cut some slack but how much?
Bad weather saw SCOTLAND's plane stuck in Amsterdam before arriving in Tbilisi late - but SFA chiefs have been cut some slack by their German counterparts.
TOMMY WRIGHT insists St Johnstone can handle the "kicking" they have taken since their Europa League exit last week - but says his players deserve to be cut some slack.
That should come as no surprise and everyone involved in the oil and gas summit in Aberdeen yesterday agreed that the March Budget has to cut some slack to the oil companies or they will pack up and leave Scotland.
KEITH LASLEY reckons Motherwell deserve to be cut some slack for their poor start to the season after earning brownie points from their last two campaigns.
However, he deserves to be cut some slack given the majority of his squad, who are clearly not up to the task, were signed by his predecessor Pat Fenlon.