cut of (one's) jib

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cut of (one's) jib

A person's general appearance, manner, mien, style, demeanor, or personality. A reference to the jib sails of a boat (which denoted a ship's allegiance, and therefore potential hostility), it is usually used in the phrase "like the cut of one's jib." I like the cut of your jib—you've got a brazenness in business that's pretty rare these days. I'm not sure why I don't get along with Sarah. I just don't like the cut of her jib.
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cut of one's jib

One's general appearance or personality, as in I don't like the cut of Ben's jib. In the 17th century the shape of the jib sail often identified a vessel's nationality, and hence whether it was hostile or friendly. The term was being used figuratively by the early 1800s, often to express like or dislike for someone.
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the cut of someone's jib

the appearance or look of a person.
This was originally a nautical expression suggested by the prominence and characteristic form of the jib (a triangular sail set forward of the foremast) as the identifying characteristic of a ship.
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Meanwhile, the girls in the salon have a gossip about Lawrence and are intrigued to learn that Bernice likes the cut of his jib.
But, in case you are interested, I have backed Roberto Martinez to be next Arsenal manager at 16-1, simply because I like the cut of his jib.
Roman Abramovich had liked the cut of his jib, only to succumb to his own wandering mind - AVB replaced by ADHD.
I like the no-nonsense cut of his jib and it's no surprise sides such as Inter were looking at him, particularly after the European champions lost Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid.
Should Dinwiddie do well enough to attract a large gallery, the American fans will like the cut of his jib.
I share Americans' nostalgia for an era when you not only could tell a man by the cut of his jib, but the jib industry hadn't yet fled to Guangdong.
The electorate needs and deserves to see the cut of his jib as leader before determining his fate; a trial run in which he is put to the test would be the best solution for everyone.
I liked the cut of his jib and, after reflecting for a second or two on who the other Echo thinkers might be, told him he was clearly a man of substance, discernment and intelligence.
Frankly, I just don't like the cut of his jib - and, believe you me, he doesn't get his jib off the rack.
She likes the cut of his jib but is also being pursued by a pony-tailed dentist played by Charles Dance, who has resorted to hypnotism to try and win her over.
riPr Either those who decide these things don't like the cut of his jib or it is just plain snobbery.
A blond, smiling man, the cut of his jib was very superhero and he rarely let anyone down.
And the more people have got to know him the less they've fancied the cut of his jib.
For so long he has soared over the turf, nimbly avoiding the ack-ack of the commentators, officials and snobs of the smart set who have never liked the cut of his jib.
He demanded a big club, having produced minor miracles at Bolton, but the cut of his jib didn't rest well with United fans.