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The 'SexyBack' singer, who performed with his former 'N Sync bandmates, said that the 20-year old singer should be allowed to do her thing and asked to cut her some slack as she didn't do it at the Grammys.
When I complained about the way she was addressing me, she said I would just have to cut her some slack because she was having "a really bad day.
I'm still not watching the show, but I do feel quite sorry for her and I wish that people would cut her some slack and get things into perspective.
Still, at the time I thought if it was a woman doing what she felt was right for her family, then I'd cut her some slack.
It's only fair to cut her some slack if the idea that her dad is moving on with his life is painful.
So cut her some slack and keep your fingers crossed your misgivings are the least of her worries.