cut dead

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cut (one) dead

To totally ignore someone, usually out of anger or displeasure. I was hoping to reconcile with Mandy today, but when I approached, she just cut me dead.
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cut someone dead

to ignore someone totally. Joan was just about to speak to James when he walked away and cut her dead. Jean cut her former husband dead.
See also: cut, dead
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Ask Andre Villas-Boas, cut dead for the "crime" of wanting to be a manager in his own right, rather than stay with him at Inter.
North Cove Road, man cutting down trees in people's yards, said DPW gave him permission to cut dead wood and load it into his truck.
The NMC also said she had cut dead tissue from the woman's back, despite not being properly trained, as well as failing to complete a wound chart.
Clean pruners with bleach after using them to cut dead or diseased wood, before you use them on healthy canes.
Cut dead wood in the spring and trim their side-shoots after flowering.
Instead, use secateurs or the bacon scissors (when she's not looking) and cut dead blooms down to the next healthy leaf.
We trim back the palmettos, cut dead branches, mow the grass, blow off the parking lot and do everything needed to present a clean wilderness environment for people to enter," Skiba said.