cut above

a cut above

Noticeably superior to others within the same category. With his vast experience and charming personality, it was clear to see that Gary was a cut above the rest of the candidates who interviewed for the sales position.
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cut above something

a measure or degree better than something else. Your shirt is beautiful, but mine is a cut above yours.
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cut above

Someone or something that is superior to examples of a similar nature, as in This book is a cut above his previous one. This idiom uses cut in the sense of "a higher degree or stage." [Early 1800s]
See also: above, cut

a cut aˈbove somebody/something

better than somebody/something: This is a cut above the average weekly magazine — it publishes very good articles and short stories.
References in classic literature ?
No; he had only received a cut above the temple, and perhaps a few bruises from the fall, or the hoofs of his own pony: that could not kill him if he lay there half the day; and, if he could not help himself, surely some one would be coming by: it would be impossible that a whole day should pass and no one traverse the road but ourselves.
He had got, in some way or other, a cut above his left eyebrow -- a cut to the bone.
The six-year-old has looked a classy performer at his best and, rated 150, he's expected to prove himself a cut above his 12 rivals, with Donie McInerney claiming valuable 7lb off his 11-10 burden.
Coming little less than a week after his wife Linda died, viewers will come to this with a much more acute sense of how important the 1950s was for the Treforest-born singer, as not only was it the decade he fell in love with rock 'n' roll, but he also fell head over heels for local girl Melinda Trenchard - whom he described in his recent autobiography as "a cut above me academically and a cut above me socially, too".
However, they are still a cut above promoted Bournemouth and the previous week's win at Chelsea and their battling draw at Anfield on Sunday are more accurate illustrations of Southampton's capabilities.
com)-- A Cut Above Painting today announced the launch of www.
This is a restaurant with ambition: "elegant steakhouses with elegant interiors that are a cut above the rest", it says on the website.
This will be of interest mainly to those who like a peek inside the world of fancy frocks and maybe they will even get a hint of what made Saint Laurent a cut above the others.
Zidane said: "There are always players who are a cut above, take Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid for example.
28 -- The previous week saw the excitement and fervor of the auditions of Tresemme presents A Cut Above.
Here, Alan Yentob charts his extraordinary career, and finds out just what made Sassoon a cut above the rest.
BEST HAIR Imagine: Vidal Sassoon - A Cut Above (BBC One Wales, Tuesday 11.
NOT many teachers would have the courage to bring rap and hip-hop to the classroom, but that's what makes Amer Sheikh a cut above the rest.
Rees had reached the final by proving a cut above Brixton barber Ted Bami and then winning an all-action Welsh derby with Jason Cook.
In Savannah we have an 18-year-old kid for whom the sky really is the limit, Natasha just proved a cut above the rest and Sharon came through with a really gutsy series of performances.