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in custody (of someone or something)

 and in someone's or something's custody
being kept guarded by legal authorities. The suspect was in the sheriff's custody awaiting a trial. The prisoner is in the custody of the state. The police have two suspects in custody.
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remand someone (in)to the custody of someone

 and remand someone over to someone
to order someone placed into the custody of someone. The court remanded the prisoner into the custody of the sheriff. The judge remanded Mary to the custody of the sheriff. The judge remanded Gerald over to his father.
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References in classic literature ?
He then returned disconsolate into the kitchen, where he found Jones in the custody of his servants.
You have got some friends of ours in your custody, master.
This functionary, being, of course, well used to such scenes; looking upon all kinds of robbery, from petty larceny up to housebreaking or ventures on the highway, as matters in the regular course of business; and regarding the perpetrators in the light of so many customers coming to be served at the wholesale and retail shop of criminal law where he stood behind the counter; received Mr Brass's statement of facts with about as much interest and surprise, as an undertaker might evince if required to listen to a circumstantial account of the last illness of a person whom he was called in to wait upon professionally; and took Kit into custody with a decent indifference.
Have you taken Kit into custody before he had time and opportunity to beat me
In ten minutes more Captain Wragge had him in safe custody, and the horses started on their return journey.
And THAT is quite impossible; for he is now in the custody of his friend, and Mr.
Convinced that they were spies sent on some sinister errand, they took them in custody, and set to work to drive in the horses.
The only comfort was the arrival the next morning of a strong packing case, locked, from Ross, the key being in the custody of Davenport.
Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy may have finalized their divorce in 2016, but the former couple is still at war over custody of their 7-year-old daughter Bryn.
The high court called for briefs to be submitted on whether a court order denying a parents request for their child to change schools was a postjudgment order affecting the custody of a minor and therefore a final order under MCR 7.
Acosta, who is providing legal assistance to Kian's family, asked Senator Risa Hontiveros to surrender the custody of the three eyewitnesses.
By the end of June 2016, the assets under custody of the Bank reached RMB 13 trillion, up by 13% from the year to date, securing the position as No.
Global Banking News-July 26, 2016--Citi enhances its integrated custody offering
As the body of research grows on the benefits of having both parents fully involved in the lives of their children after a divorce, states are shifting away from awarding mothers full custody to awarding both parents shared custody.
KARACHI -- Rangers has contradicted the reports of the death of Sunni Ittehad Council leader Tariq Mehboob under its custody saying that he has died in central prison in the custody of police.