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cuss a blue streak

Rur. to curse a great deal. When she dropped the brick on her toe, she cussed a blue streak. Bill could cuss a blue streak by the time he was eight years old.
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cuss someone out

to curse at someone. Dad cussed me out for losing the money he gave me. The little kid cussed out his brother, shocking his grandmother.
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not give a tinker's cuss

  (British & Australian old-fashioned) also not give a tinker's damn (American old-fashioned)
to not be interested in or worried about something or someone (often + question word) I don't give a tinker's cuss what she thinks, I'll do what I want! He's never given a tinker's damn for me, or for any of the family.
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Surprisingly, and very pleasantly so, they accepted his challenge to stop swearing, and thus was born the first No Cussing Club.
Players acknowledge refraining from swearing to be an unusual request, and Butler says he is not sure if major leaguers would be willing to refrain from cussing.
I went up to him (after the inning) to tell him what I did, and the first thing he did was start cussing and dropping F-bombs.
It's only hairy, perverted Otis (Bill Moseley again) and his rump-shaking little sister Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie, contributing what she does to all of her husband's cinematic and music video works) for a while, bloodying the Texas desert and cussing up an affectionate storm at one another.
There is also a massive amount of cussing - not unusual for a Jackson movie but pretty excessive for one rated PG-13.
Ink Knudson's been quietly cussing out stubborn horses for 56 years.
But I don't like to hear a bunch of people cussing around kids or talking about players' families.
Mostly the (patron) complaints are about cussing, smoking or riding skateboards,'' Finn said.
I never liked cussing in my house, and I didn't stand for it.
There have been phone calls with peoples cussing, 'Kill the Muslims' - very derogatory remarks,'' said Nagwa Ibrahim, community outreach coordinator for Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Luttrell, who sports an unconcealed brush and water bottle which hang on the fence in front of her seat, heard Coolbaugh cussing toward Hamburg, and told the JetHawks manager, ``You need to have your mouth washed out with soap.
The main crisis here - which means the somewhat murky ethical one that doesn't involve cussing out deadbeat customers, wrestling wigs from the jaws of determined dogs, confusing the Ulster pronunciation of ``hairpiece'' with ``herpes'' and, y'know, dodging car bombs - emerges when, to win some kind of sales competition, Colm considers a group sale to a cell of bald IRA terrorists.
Then on Wednesday, Davis Cup player Vince Spadea dropped out (overhydration) and Marcelo Rios was defaulted for cussing out an official.